A Fresh Start

Armenta White, 35, worked in a sandwich shop in Kentucky. A mother of a 7 year old boy, she had found a new boyfriend. She met Darryl Sensely about 4 months ago and he moved in with her soon after.

She didn’t tell many that she was moving. Maybe she wasn’t sure whether it would be permanent. Family says that she never gave up her apartment in Kentucky and she left most of her furniture there.

According to the landlord, they arrived in Michigan on Monday. And he says that the boyfriend seemed eager for a fresh start. Darryl Sensely, 43, asked about jobs and furniture stores. The landlord also says that a soon after their arrival Armenta White mentioned that she was considering buying a bus ticket and returning to Kentucky.

Friday morning about 4 am, 911 received a call. The caller told them he had strangled his girlfriend.

Police say when they arrived they found Armenta White lying face down, her son beside her and the TV on. Sensely wasn’t present, but they did a search of the area and found him.

Darryl Sensely has been arrested and charged with 1 st degree murder. He is being held in jail without bond.

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She knew him 4 months. With domestic violence it is hard to tell if or when it might become fatal. Some people never get an incident which would warn them it might become fatal. Some get only one warning incident. For some it becomes chronic, and only time will tell if or when it might become fatal.

For anyone who may have received a warning incident in their relationship, please listen to your instincts. If you felt scared- you need to get out. Consider yourself lucky that you got the warning.


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  1. Lakeshia White said,

    April 28, 2009 at 11:26 pm

    I love my AUNT MENTA! there is sooo much to the story, that nobody really knows. Rest In Peaca and we truly miss you! And i hope he suffers in jail!


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