He Snapped?

Mark Benoit, 42, contacted 911 on Thursday morning and allegedly told the dispatcher

“Something bad happened here,” “My wife and daughter are dead. … I just wanna kill myself. … They’re gonna throw the book at me when they get here.”

Police responding to the call found a lot of blood. And they found Cynthia Benoit dead near the front door and the couple’s 9 year old daughter Sarah dead in a  bedroom. Autopsies show that both died of strangulation, neither had visible wounds. Police say that Benoit did have various cuts and had lost a lot of blood. Those injuries were allegedly self inflicted. Police say they also found two notes. One note telling what he had done, and one note with complaints about his wife and his marriage.

Benoit has told police that he snapped when his Prozac ran out. And he has told them more. He allegedly told that they never had food and were always hungry. He reportedly said they were better off.

He also allegedly told them that he killed 9 year old Sarah because he planned to commit suicide and he did not want to leave her alone to be cared for by strangers.

According to the media, the Benoit family had lived in a different apartment 3 months earlier. But they were evicted for non-payment of rent. According to reports, there was evidence of the family left in the apartment after they left. The landlord allegedly said the pock marks on the door were from shots from a gun that Benoit owned. There was also a note from Sarah, reportedly to her father which was titled

‘‘A Chart about Love,’’

Reportedly there were messages scrawled on the walls. One read

‘‘Sarah, Daddy loves you very much,’’

and another

‘‘Dear DaD, you will always be in my heart,’’

Police allegedly escorted the family from that residence on Dec. 9 th. The family is believed to have been homeless for a period of time, then an agency found them the apartment they were in at the time of the 911 call. The couple had an 18 year old son still in high school. When they moved, the son moved in with a friend to complete his high school year.

According to some reports, Benoit was unemployed. He was a Navy Vetran. He reportedly was prone to seizures and had a bad back due to a failed surgery for which he took pain medicine.

Benoit was taken to a hospital for treatment, then he was arrested and is being held without bail.

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Before I began writing this, there was an article in The Enterprise at SouthofBoston with allegations about an affair Mark Benoit may have had with another woman, and about a restraining order she may have taken out on him. That article has since been removed.

However, The Boston Herald does mention that in 1993 he was charged with violating a restraining order with another woman. The charges were later dropped.


More details about what Mark Benoit says about the murders.


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