For the child

Victoria Rojas, 40, was the mother of three children. Two were adults and she also had a 9 year old girl. At some point she met and married 39 year old  Marco Berrios.

Family has said that Berrios had been abusive in the past. And they say they had even gotten into fights with him over his treatment of their mother. But police say that wasn’t all.

Police have said that Berrios had been sexually abusing a young relative over the last 4 years. And that day Victoria Rojas had confronted him about the alleged abuse.

Police have also said Berrios has admitted to the abuse. And that he also admitted to strangling Victoria Rojas on Monday and then setting the house on fire. He then left the scene.

The 9 year old girl was sleeping in the room next to her mother’s, became aware of the fire and tried to awaken her mother. Unable to rouse her she left the home and called 911.

A police officer who responded to the home was able to rouse the couple who lived in the other side of the duplex and helped them and their infant child to escape.

Victoria Rojas’s remains were burned so badly that her identification was made through dental records. An autopsy showed evidence of strangulation.

Berrios was found several hours later. He has been arrested and charged with murder, attempted murder, child sexual abuse, and arson of an inhabited structure. He is currently being held in the psychiatric wing of the jail.

Berrios was on probation. He had been convicted of battery for a fight with Victoria Rojas’ ex-husband and father of the children. He was released last month, was still on probation and required to take anger management classes.



  1. Developer said,

    March 27, 2007 at 8:59 am

    Sad story…

  2. April 18, 2011 at 1:16 am

    Unable to rouse her she left the home and called 911.

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