“Are you alive or are you dead?”

Police say they knew Freddie Willhite, 67, they had been called to his residence before. Calls for things like public intoxication to assault. And he had a criminal history. He spent some time in prison in 2004 for aggravated assault, he had other convictions for things like theft, possession of marijuana, and drunk driving.

They say that when there was a problem his wife of 25 years, Donna Willhite would often take him inside sit him down and talk to him until he calmed down. The couple did not live together. They lived in mobile homes adjacent to each other.

Monday night Freddie was reportedly the one who made the 911 call. Allegedly he calmly told the dispatcher that he had shot his wife in the stomach. And also allegedly- it was because she had ridiculed and enticed him all his life. Reportedly when the dispatcher asked about his wife’s condition he did check on her. He was allegedly overheard asking her

“Are you alive or are you dead?”

But allegedly Willhite did assure the dispatcher that he was not a threat to anyone. He said he would put the gun away. Police say when they arrived, Willhite surrendered peaceably, the gun had been put away.

Donna Willhite was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead. Allegedly she had two gunshots to the torso.

Freddie Willhite has been arrested.  

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Very frequently the victim is accused of being at fault. And certainly no victim is ever perfect. Like anyone else they have their good points and they have their bad points. But I have seen very few who deserved what they received.

The perpetrator often accuses them of being ‘crazy’, unfaithful, lying, nagging, and many other adjectives. It seems that is mostly ‘their own fault.’ Their own fault they were murdered or maimed- yet the accuser/abuser never seems to think- if it was so bad…why didn’t they (the abuser/accuser) just walk away? You hear that question frequently when you hear of an abused person who stays in the relationship. But the abuser/accuser has that option also.

In this case, chronic alcoholism and the deterioration that often accompanies it may have been a factor. Drug abuse is sometimes a factor. Yet the abuser/accuser had options there too. They could have gotten treatment before it came to this. Drugs and alcohol can be factors that may lead to violence. But I personally don’t believe they are ever acceptable reasons or excuses for it.

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  1. Harding said,

    March 24, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    This is one of the most horrifying stories I’ve heard. I’d like a chance to have a few minutes with this bastard to ask him, “Are you dead yet, or are you still agonizing in pain.”

  2. March 24, 2007 at 11:25 pm

    Harding, I think that about so many that I post here. Home is supposed to be a place of comfort and safety. Yet each was murdered or maimed by someone they loved or once loved and trusted.

  3. Becky J said,

    March 25, 2007 at 2:51 am

    If, and only if, every person who drank and abused drugs,abused, could that be an “excuse” alcohol and drugs play a part, obviously, but a person is abusive regardless of there alcohol or drug use, all they do is heighten the anger effect, make it more dangerous because inhibitions are lowered, and give abusers an out after they sober up…”sorry baby, it was the alcohol, i wont do it again” type of crap. This man, as well as most abusers, are just plain mean, hateful, disrespectful people, who have no concience. Sociopathic i think is the technical term.

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