The Crash

You read about suicide bombings, but those happen in other countries doesn’t it? You know the ones where someone loads a vehicle with explosives, drives them to a government facility and the bomb explodes?

Pam Culver, 45, reportedly broke off her relationship with Frank Douglas Ray, 46, in October. But they say he had difficulty letting go.

Police say that Frank Ray loaded two propane tanks into his truck and drove to his ex-girlfriend’s home. It is alleged that he then drove his truck fully into the home.

Police and emergency workers rushed to the home and found Ray in the truck with a gunshot wound to his head. They believe he shot himself with a rifle.

They found Tiffany Whited, 20, under the truck. And they found the valves on the propane tanks fully opened. Police have said they believe that Ray may have meant to cause the propane to ignite and explode. Luckily it did not. But even without the propane igniting, there was heavy damage to the home.

 Pam Culver was in the home at the time of the crash but was not seriously injured. Frank Ray was taken to the hospital and later died. Tiffany Whited, 20, was also taken to the hospital. Police have said her injuries were not life threatening.          

He wanted to continue a relationship that she wanted to end. He was having trouble with the relationship ending. We hear that so often. And too many times, the reaction is to destroy the person they claim they cannot live without. And sometimes to destroy everything surrounding or related to that person.

She wasn’t physically harmed. But she saw someone harmed in her home, by someone who may or probably was trying to harm her. And the knowlege that the person she once cared for had committed suicide. I would say she was probably mentally harmed.

A young woman who just happened to be in the home, was harmed. They are saying she will live. But she will suffer pain, as well as mental trauma.

A home heavily damaged, leaving the residents homeless for a time.

The articles indicate there were other friends in the home at the time of the crash. So there are others who will be trying to come to terms with what happened that day.

And a man who had so many choices available to him, chose to leave his family grieving over him and over the knowlege of the destruction that he had done.

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