The Kids

Kevin Chandler, 31, and Angela Limbrock have two children together ages 5 and 11 months, but like many couples these days they do not live together. Allegedly Chandler is homeless and stays with friends or family.

They were together on Wednesday night. The mother has said that Chandler had asked her for a ride. According to some reports the couple were arguing as they prepared to leave Limbrock’s apartment together at 9:50 pm.

When they got to the car Limbrock realized that she had forgotten the baby’s car seat. So she hands off the baby to Chandler and started to return to the apartment.

Allegedly she heard Chandler swear at the child. She turned around to see what the problem was and allegedly  saw the baby being thrown out of the window. She ran to the child to pick him up and realized there was a knife in his back.

The mother has told the media the child did have surgery, to explore the wound. That the knife came close to the child’s spine but did not touch it. And that doctors have said the baby will be ok. In one article the mother is quoted as saying

“He takes drugs so he thinks the baby came from the devil and the baby makes the world act crazy and brain washes everybody,”

The mother has also said that he has hit her before, but that he had never hit the kids.

According to reports the 5 year old boy got out of the car and Chandler drove off.  Police say he returned to the mother’s apartment about 4 hours later while the mother was at the hospital. He reportedly  left the car, keys to the car and a cell phone and left again.

Police are searching for Chandler. And they say

“We’re still trying to determine motive here, but at this point I have no reason to believe he did this to get back at the mother or anything”

Police also say that Chandler does have a criminal history. According to reports Chandler was arrested in 2005 for kicking Limbrock in the head and body. No mention of the disposition of that case. Reportedly he also had previous arrests for DWI and auto theft firearms near a school and a drug conviction.

Police have been looking for Chandler. They have an arrest warrant charging him with attempted murder, aggravated battery and battery.              

One child stabbed, the other as a witness to the violence. Both kids traumatized. Thankfully the child will be ok. But how long will it take the children and the mother to recover from the trauma?

Studies show that if there is domestic violence in the household, the children are more likely to be abused.

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  1. Amylulu said,

    March 16, 2007 at 8:38 pm

    What a tragedy…thank God that the child will be physically okay. Hopefully, the mother will take advantage of the victims compensation/assistance that many states offer and take them to counseling. Staying away from this sick bastard should be on her priority list, also.

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