The Apartment Fire

Back in Jan. I told you about the Apartment Fire. The fire displaced about 131 people from their homes and two people Joe Santooya, 52, and Clemente Perez Salgado, 32, died in the fire. And I told you how police traced the fire to an arson, an arson they say was committed by Derrick Johnson…. due to a domestic dispute.

Salgado and Santooya were not related to that dispute. They just happened to be there. In the same apartment complex that Johnson’s girlfriend happened to be in.

There was very little information released at that time about the domestic problem. But thanks to D.P. posting an update at Crime News, more is now known about the domestic situation. Information that makes such a horribly tragic situation even worse.

According to police affidavits a woman who was a friend of the girlfriend has told them that the girlfriend was receiving threatening text messages and phone calls from Johnson before the fire. He allegedly was upset that she had left him. He threatened harm to both the girlfriend and the baby. He allegedly threatened to blow up the apartment building.

Allegedly she had been receiving the threats for some time, but did not believe he would follow through. The friend has reportedly said that she heard one of the threats.

About 45 to 60 minutes before the fire she has said she heard Johnson threaten to kill the baby by

“torturing it and then putting it on the barbecue grill and burning it.”

And he allegedly said he was on his way to the apartment to kill both the girlfriend and the baby.

Derrick Johnson is now under arrest for 9 felony charges including 1 st degree arson, 4 counts of 1 st degree murder- including premeditation and indifference and 2 counts of attempted 1 st degree murder. 2 counts alleging that Derrick Johnson is a habitual criminal.

His cousin Gene Johnson is under arrest on charges of accessory after the fact, police say that he helped Johnson flee after the fire. Police say that when they first talked to Derrick Johnson after the fire, Johnson blamed the fire on Gene Johnson.

Two of Derrick Johnson’s brothers and others have also been charged with accessory after the fact. Police say those tried to convince police that Derrick Johnson couldn’t have started the fire because he was at a party with them.

Police alleged that Johnson has admitted to gang ties and that he initally tried to blame it as a gang thing.                                         

If you get a threat, that means the thought is there. If the thought is there, then that is halfway toward action. Take threats seriously, no matter how horrorific or outlandlish they may be. And just because they say they are going to do it one way, does not mean they aren’t planning it another way.

If you receive a threat, contact police and seek shelter. By shelter, I do mean somewhere that they do not know where to find you. Preferably a domestic violence shelter.

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