At the School

According to reports Jessica Forsyth, 17, did not go to school on Wednesday morning. Her boyfriend showed up at the school looking for her, but as he was not a student there he was denied entry.

Allegedly the boyfriend David Turner, 17, then called her and asked her to meet him at the school. Her mother drove her to the school for the meeting and was in the parking lot.

The two teens met and had some conversation, then Turner allegedly pulled a gun out of a backpack and shot Jessica Forsyth 4 times. He then reportedly turned the weapon on himself.

The mother reportedly saw what was happening and moved her car between the couple in order to provide some protection for her daughter.

Jessica Forsyth was taken to the hospital and admitted in serious condition, but is now reported to be in fair condition. David Turner was found dead at the scene.

Family says that Jessica Forsyth had had a childhood accident in her childhood which resulted in a metal plate being put into her shoulder. They say doctors have said that if not for that plate, the wound could have been fatal. Family has also told media that Jessica had just transferred to that school to try to get away from a former boyfriend who was ‘complicating’ her life. The two had been dating since Oct. and he had asked her to come to the school in order to return some of her belongings.

David Turner’s family has said that he suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and had difficulty with depression and anger. He was on medication, but had stopped taking it. They say that David Turner and Jessica Forsyth had had an on and off relationship and that they had recently broken up.

The school went on lockdown from about 11 am to about 12:30 pm. Students were given some limited information about the events. Classes did continue, though students were permitted to leave. Grief counselor’s were called to help students at the school.                                                                   

There are some myths that are commonly associated with domestic violence. One of those myths is that domestic violence is only an adult problem. Domestic violence can and does happen irregardless of age.

Parents need to be alert to any signs of violence that may show up in a child’s relationships. Learn the warning signs, and be alert for them. If the signs are spotted in the relationship it is important to help the child or teen to learn that neither controlling behavior nor violence should be a part of any relationship. And that such a relationship can be harmful to them. Help your children to learn to spot those types of behaviors themselves. If a child (teen) has difficulty resolving an abusive or controlling relationship or develops a pattern in such relationships a short round of counseling may be helpful.

Recognizing the Potential for Violence in Others

Relationship Violence Warning Signs

Types, signs, symptoms, causes and effects

If you view the above and become concerned about a child becoming an abuser, know that there is help for them and reach out to get them that help by contacting a counselor. It is not a quick solution, it is something that is ongoing and progressive. It is important that if the behavior is recognized in a child or teen that they begin the help then, as when they get older they may be more resistant to it.


 Jessica Forsyth has been released from the hospital.                        



  1. Soobs said,

    March 13, 2007 at 3:33 pm

    As a parent of a teenaged daughter, the talk about domestic violence was one of the most important I’ve ever had with her.

  2. D.P. said,

    March 13, 2007 at 6:11 pm

    That is so true that the DV talk should be just as important as the birds and bees talk. The teen dating years are the formative years as far as relationship dynamics go, and all teens should be fully aware of what is appropriate behaviour and what is not.

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