The Perfect Mom

It is believed that the torso of Tara Grant has been found in the home she shared with her husband Stephen Grant. Missing since Feb. 9 th, her husband reported her missing a week later.

This is a high profile crime, and is well covered on other blogs so I am not going to blog it here. Instead I am going to leave it with a link to the last known interview of Stephen Grant.

Stephen Grant’s last-known interview: ‘I was the perfect mom — not Tara’

And the history of the events

Timeline: Chronology of Tara Grant’s Disappearance

Chronology of Tara Lynn Grant’s disappearance

Website for Tara Grant

Who is Tara Grant?

The only thing I would like to add is that “Perfect Moms” (or Dads) don’t put their children through the pain and fear of a missing parent or through the grief of losing a parent. And especially  the pain of someday learning that their mother was kept dead and dismembered in the garage of the home in which they lived. And a “perfect parent” does not villify the deceased parent’s name for the children to find, someday when they are old enough to search out the answers to their questions.

I will be adding the blogs here as I find them

My Life of Crime

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