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Investigators have told the media they believe that Brenda Hewey Barnum, 34, left her husband Jacob R. Smith, 34, more than a year ago (some reports say several months) and moved in with Mark Bamford, 44, and his wife and four children. They believe that her son Matthew Smith, 11 (though some reports say 10), moved in at a later date. It is believed he may have been living with his father during part of that time.

Prosecutors have said that they have heard that Smith had been having some mental and physical health problems recently, but that they are still investigating that issue. Neighbors have said they had heard that Brenda Hewey Barnum was planning to take out a protection order against her husband.

Fri. afternoon it is believed that Jacob Smith showed up and wanted to see his son. He was refused and reportedly left. Then it is believed that he returned and forced his way into the home. He reportedly shot Brenda Hewey Barnum, and Mark Bamford’s family fled from the home. At some point Smith allegedly shot Mark Bamford and took his own son hostage.

Police responded to the report of a domestic dispute with shots fired. They found 7 people in the garage of the home. Police entered the home which was still occupied by the shooter and removed the victims who had been shot. One victim was found in the doorway of the home, one inside the home. Mark Bamford and Brenda Hewey Barnum were taken to the hospital, neighbors later heard that Brenda Hewey Barnum had died.

A standoff then occurred with police negotiators unsuccessfully attempting to talk Smith out of the home. About 4 hours later, the couple’s son Matthew Smith walked out of the home at 9:25 pm. He had also been shot. When police entered the home they found Jacob Smith dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police say they fired no shots in the incident.

Mark Bamford and Matthew Smith are both reported as being in critical condition.

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Family is now talking about what led up to the shooting. Family says that Smith was abusive to both Brenda Hewey Barnum and to their son Matthew

“He’s done a lot of things, but whenever they went to court, he always got out of it”

Brenda Hewey Barnum had left Smith several years ago and had moved in with the Bamford’s last fall. Last week Matthew had told his mother that his father had bought a gun. The same day as the shooting she called her father and told him that she had won custody of Matthew.  

Matthew had been stabbed as well as being shot. He is listed as critical but stable condition. Family says they have been told he may survive. Mark Bamford is listed in stable condition.

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Thanks to Jules, we have more information.

Brenda Hewey-Barnum and Jake Smith split up in 1996 when Matthew was 8 months old. During that time Hewey-Barnum filed 2 domestic violence petitions against Smith.

In a 1998 murder trial of a boyfriend being tried for killing his wife, she testified as to drug usage by herself and the defendant.

She remarried in 1999, and in a court hearing she alleged that Smith threatened to kill her and made harrassing phone calls.

Smith filed a petition during 1999 requesting that Hewey Barnum be given supervised visitation 

“because of her ongoing problem with alcohol and/or illegal drugs.”

In 2001 Hewey Barnum again filed a petition with the court alleging conversations with her son which indicated that Smith might have plans to kill her.

The article does not mention the purpose or disposition of the above court hearings and petitions.                      

Autopsy results show that Brenda Hewey Barnum died of a gunshot wound to the chest.                                   

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More details about the events that occurred that day.



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  1. Jules said,

    March 6, 2007 at 5:34 am

    Mom told she’d end up like her ex-boyfriend’s murdered wife

    ” Brenda Hewey-Barnum told a judge she feared for the safety of her 11-year-old son, Matthew, just hours before her ex-boyfriend went on an armed rampage, killing her and critically wounding the boy before he apparently took his own life.

    Hewey-Barnum, 34, asked the judge for an emergency hearing Friday, saying the boy’s father, Jacob “Jake” Smith, was “driving around thinking people (were) out to kill him and Matthew.”\

    Documents in Merrimack County Superior Court reveal that Hewey-Barnum had long feared Smith would come to kill her. They also identify Hewey-Barnum as the former girlfriend of Daniel Holland, the Richmond man who murdered his wife, Elizabeth, in 1998.” {more at link}

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