Unwanted pregnancy

She was 19 years old and pregnant. And police say that shortly after midnight on Feb. 22, she drank something and began bleeding heavily enough that she had to be rushed to the hospital where she was told a miscarriage had occurred.

Police say that she called her boyfriend after the miscarriage and 

“taped a conversation, in which he confesses to giving pills.”

Police have arrested 19 year old Daniel Riase, by all reports her boyfriend. Police have stated that Riase has confessed to purchasing a drug off the internet, crushing the pills up and dropping them into the girl’s drink.

And they say that he was aware of the possibility that the drug could cause a miscarriage.

Riase has been charged with aggravated malicious wounding and adulteration of a drink. Both charges are felonies, and malicious wounding is a possible life sentence. Both charges contain an intent to harm or kill.

No information has been released as to how far along in the pregnancy she was.

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The time to take care of a pregnancy is either before it happens or……legally. 

Before the advent of the pill, it was considered the man’s responsibility to prevent pregnancy by using a very common device called a condom. But after the pill was released, birth control has pretty much been considered the woman’s responsibility.

Many men now refuse to use a condom, saying they do not like them. I don’t like paying for my housing either, but it is either that or be homeless, so you do what you gotta do. You take responsibility for a pregnancy before the act, or you take responsibility afterwards.

But there are always those situations where she wants a baby even if he doesn’t. Or maybe neither of them “considered” the idea, or maybe they both want it and later one of them changes their mind. Use of a condom is still recommended for disease prevention, and at the same time can assist in preventing a “surprise” pregnancy. Responsibility for birth control should be a “couples” responsibility- not hers or his, but both. And that lessens the chance of a pregnancy taking one unaware.

First, getting drugs off the internet is highly risky. There are no quality assurances as to the risk of injury, the purity of the product or even the effectiveness of the product. There was always the possibility that the drug would not cause the miscarriage, but could cause a birth defect to the baby.

Additionally with any drug there is always the risk of side effects, allergic reactions and/or sensitivities to the ingredients. That could easily have put the mother’s life at risk also. I remember being pregnant and my physician carefully instructing me with that information. Pregnant women sometimes react differently, even to legal over-the-counter medications. That is why all medications are supposed to be taken under the care of a physician.

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