Celebrating a Birthday

It was the 27th birthday for Michele Vasquez and she and a friend were celebrating when an argument began.

The two were roommates and neighbors have said arguments were not unusual between the two. One neighbor reportedly once told them

“I said, ‘one day one of y’all are going to kill each other,’ and it’s sad it had to happen on her birthday,”

Around 4:15 am on Sunday, emergency personnel were called to their apartment for an accident. But witnesses present at the time have said it was not an accident and police say that investigation bears that out.

Allegedly Jocquelette Rawlings, 20, first stabbed her girlfriend Michele Vasquez, 27, then pushed her off a balcony, where she struck her head and was later pronounced dead.

According to reports the two had a girlfriend relationship.

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Other witnesses talk about what happened that night, Rawlings family says self defense, and a discussion of other domestic violence incidents between the two.

Jocquelette Rawlings has been charged with first degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

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