After the Split

When Michael Rhodes, 36, and his wife Jeanette Eileen Rhodes, 29, decided to marry, they chose as the setting for the wedding the yard of the home where they intended to reside. Eight months later the couple split and the husband had moved out.

On Friday, Rhodes had told his parents he was going to the home to pick up some of his belongings. Then his parents allegedly received a call from him saying that something had gone very wrong.

His mother called police and police went to the wife’s residence. There they found the wife in the bedroom, dressed in pajamas. In the yard of the home they found Robert ‘Bobby’ Mallin, 22, dressed only in a blanket. Both reportedly died from multiple gunshot wounds. Police have theorized that Rhodes came to the home armed, and found Mallin with Jeanette Rhodes.

Police were able to make contact with Michael Rhodes, and met with him at his parents where he turned himself in. He has been charged with 2 counts of murder.           

When separating from a spouse or live-in partner, even if the split is amicable, it is best to make sure you get the home keys returned. It may even be necessary to change the home locks.

If they are still expected to return to the home, insist on a call before they come. At the very least it can prevent the awkwardness of being startled by someone walking into the home unexpectedly. If belongings need to be picked up, arrangements can always be made.

If a split up is amicable, that may seem unnecessary. But at some point one party may move on, and until you know how the other party will accept it, that can cause tense or even dangerous moments.

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