The Kidnapping

As I was searching for positive stories I ran across this one. It isn’t positive, it isn’t a violent DV. And it hasn’t been determined to be a crime. But, well I want to write about it.

Jorge Alberto Mejia had reportedly been out to a club early on Saturday morning. He told police that what happened then was as he was leaving the club, two men approached him and put a gun to his head and forced him to drive them. Mejia, fearing what they might intend to do purposefully crashed his vehicle into a wall in an attempt to disable it. But the car wasn’t disabled and allegedly one of the gunmen then assaulted Mejia and forced him to continue driving.

Finally the vehicle became undrivable and he guided it to the side of the road. The suspects fled and Mejia called police.

Allegedly Mejia gave detailed descriptions of his attackers and what they had done. Police began looking for the suspects.                                             

But as police continued to talk with Mejia, they became suspicious of his story. Eventually, he told them what really happened.

He had been to the club and had left intending to go to a casino. On the way he ran off the road and crashed the car. It wasn’t just his car. It was his wife’s new 2007 Ford Focus. Not wanting to admit the real story to his wife, he invented a cover story.

Now police are debating filing criminal charges for the false report. And the cover story- and the reasons behind it have made national and international news. Of the more than 198 different articles on the story, there seemed to be at least one in every state and several different countries.                   

Remember Mom saying that it was better to tell the truth and take your punishment than to tell a lie? Many of the articles were very unflattering.


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  1. D.P. said,

    February 15, 2007 at 10:46 pm

    What an idiot!

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