She asked him to pray with her

Gordon Randal Gwathney, 46, and his wife Lisa Reeves Gwathney,  35, were going through a divorce. Lisa Reeves moved in with her mother Sylvia Reeves, 51, and her grandparents J.O. Mitchell, 81, and Evelyn Mitchell, 79.

Tuesday about 1:45 AM a call for assistance went in to the sheriff’s dept. Allegedly Gordon Gwathney had entered the home entered the home with a weapon. His mother-in-law begged him to pray with her and

“chase out his evil”

but he began shooting. Sylvia Reeves and her elderly parents died from the gunshots.

Lisa Reeves heard the shooting and escaped through a window and went for help. Her brother Travis Reeves lived nearby and he allegedly armed himself and went to the home. Reportedly he received several gunshot wounds during the confrontation. He is reported to have underwent surgery and to be in critical condition.

A deputy who responded to the emergency call was fired upon when he arrived at the scene and was also injured from glass flying from the windows of his vehicle. Gwathney then fled. St. Francis County Sheriff’s Deputy Terry Jackson was treated at a hospital and released.

Gwathney has a military background and was fired from a job about 4 months ago due to an alleged road rage incident. He reportedly began working at another job and was also fired there in Jan. The couple had been separated for a while, and Lisa Reeves had recently filed for divorce.

Gwathney was found in Laredo, Texas and arrested. It is believed he was attempting to cross the border into Mexico.


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  1. Lisa Reeves said,

    January 5, 2008 at 5:32 am

    Yes, I am Lisa Reeves, and please remember that this is more than a story, it was my life. My brother was shot 10 times with a .40 caliber kerr handgun. He has yet to be released by the Doctors. This has changed our lives forever. There is so much more to this evil man and this horrific crime that it will take a book to cover it all. Gwathney’s trial will start May 5, 2008. He is charged with three counts of first degree capital murder, three counts of first degree attempted murder, battery and breaking and entering. This is a death penalty case. If you would like to know more you can contact me through my email –

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