“I couldn’t kill her. I didn’t kill her.”

On Tues. morning the sheriff’s dept. received a call from a man who told them that there had been a homicide at his son’s address.

As deputies arrived at the scene, the home exploded into flames. After the flames began, Oscar Beecher McDowell exited the home and was taken into custody. Deputies say they detected an odor reminiscent of a meth lab in the air.

The fire department was called to the scene and extinguished the flames. When deputies entered the home, they found a body.

After McDowell was taken into custody, his father came out of hiding in the woods. He told police that he had arrived at the home about 8 am. He said that when he arrived his son told him the woman was dead and that they would have to get rid of the body and burn the house. The father talked to police about the appearance of the body, and told police

“I didn’t know a gun would do that.”

The remains were taken for autopsy and were identified as Ruby Rawls Thompson, the man’s girlfriend. It appeared that she had been shot up to 12 times, and then dismembered. Then items were placed on her body and set on fire.

McDowell was charged with murder and arson. He appeared in court on Friday. He requested representation by a defense attorney, and when told that a public defender could be appointed for him. He responded by saying

“The Public Defender Service would be a conflict of interest,”

There was no explanation for the statement.

While in court one of the victim’s relatives yelled at McDowell

“You shouldn’t have even been there, you shouldn’t have even been there.”

Reportedly McDowell responded by saying

“I loved Ruby,” “I couldn’t kill her. I didn’t kill her.”

McDowell did have a criminal history including drug offenses and various other crimes dating back to the age of 17 and he is a registered sex offender. The investigation is continuing and no drug charges have been filed as yet.

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