She went to her friends

Darlene Morrow had reportedly argued with her husband Gerald Morrow, 30, on Thurs. night and had gone to stay with her friends Frederick and Rebecca Douglas who resided in another state.

Friday morning just before 3 am, Darlene Morrow was reportedly awakened by her husband. Somehow he had managed to gain entry to the home. Allegedly the two argued reference was made to the couple’s children, and Gerald Morrow shot her in the leg with a 20 gauge shotgun and kicked her in the head. Reportedly the weapon was a single shot and at some point he reloaded the weapon.

The commotion had awakened the Douglas’s and they went to see what the problem was. The met up with Morrow in a hall, but attemted to retreat when they saw he was armed. Morrow shot Frederick Douglas in the back, the bullet exited through his front and struck his wife Rebecca Douglas in the buttocks. After the shootings, Morrow left the home.

Frederick Douglas left the home and walked the 100 yards or so to the neighbors home to call police. Darlene Morrow and the Douglas’ were taken to the hospital where they underwent surgery. They are reported to be in fair to serious condition.

According to witness statements, Morrow blamed the Douglas’ for his wife leaving him.

Gerald A. Morrow was later taken into custody at his mother’s home. According to police he has confessed to the shootings. Morrow has been charged with 3 counts each of 1 st degree criminal attempted murder and aggravated assault. He is awaiting extradition.

Hmmm…. first an argument at home which results in her leaving then he follows and shoots and kicks her. And he blames the friends for her leaving. I wonder just what the couple’s history was and just what happened during that argument at their home.

There is no mention of was said about the couple’s children, or where they were when their mother was shot.


Update on victims conditions shows Darlene Morrow is listed in fair condition and Fredrick and Rebecca Douglas are reported to be in serious condition. All are reportedly improving.

Morrow has now waived extradition and will be headed back to the state where the shooting occurred.