A Long Term Marriage

Jeanne Kane, 58, was a beautiful woman and a talented singer. She and her triplet sister’s formed a musical trio and are probably best known for their appearances on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Johnny Carson and ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’. But the musical career ended prematurely, and the sisters say they blame her husband John Galtieri for that.

Jeanne Kane and John Galtieri were married for 27 years. And what she chose to keep private, is documented in the 2000 divorce papers that Galtieri filed. Galtieri is the one who filed for the divorce and he made allegations that during the marriage he suffered

“extreme cruelty … on many occasions too numerous to mention.”

There were other less specific allegations. That Jeanne Kane spent extravagantly, withheld affection, caused him embarrassment, and many other complaints. And he accused her of trying to cheat him in the divorce.

But during the divorce hearings, Kane documented abuse she alleged occurred beginning early in the marriage even though those incidents were never reported to police.

Among other allegations she reported details of abuse including a beating after the burial of her father, berating her after she had her second child by C-Section (angry because of the scarring), cancelling a confirmation party for her daughter because she had been beaten badly enough that she had bruises that showed (because the dog knocked over his coffee), and beatings in front of her daughter. In 1999 Jeanne Kane required an operation and Kane alleged that he became outraged over the medical bills and kicked her.

The attorney for Jeanne Kane described the abuse as

“He consistently and constantly … beat and battered the defendant to the point where she believed the beatings were part of her marriage and part of her life.”

The judge determined that Jeanne Kane had been battered and suffered from “Battered Wife Syndrome” and ordered him to pay her alimony and substantial damages. The divorce was granted in 2003.

Galteri was a retired police officer, and had moved to Fla. where he was working as a private investigator. At some point Galtieri married again, his third wife- and in 2005 she filed then dropped beating charges against him.

It is alleged that Galtieri was enraged by the divorce ruling. Since the 2003 divorce, Galtieri filed a number of law suits over the divorce settlement. The most recent was filed on Tues. at the State Supreme Court. Galtieri’s current wife has said she talked to Galtieri by phone about 5 pm, but she declined to say where he was when she talked with him.

On Tuesday Mrs. Kane spent the day with her sisters, but left to pick up her 25 year old daughter. About 6 pm on Tuesday, Jeanne Kane was found in her car at a park and ride where she normally picked her daughter up. Police say a shot had been fired through the passenger window of the car and had struck Mrs. Kane.

Police began looking for Galtieri and found him in SC, reportedly on his way back to Fla. They have taken him in for questioning and no charges have been filed at this time. A search warrant was issued for the vehicle, but police say they did not find anything significant.

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Much of what Mrs. Kane had chosen to keep private was documented in her divorce papers, and that information is now being released since her death. Often abuse victims may choose to keep information private, for fear of embarrassment- yet they are the ones who should least be embarrassed. Yet part of the syndrome is that a victim will often feel or fear that it was their own shortcomings that caused the abuse. They may fear that other’s will not believe. They may even fear ridicule.

No one deserves or needs or causes abuse. If someone does not like their actions, they always have the right to leave if they are not satisified with the relationship. Just as Galtieri did at the end of the marriage.

One of the resources I think is most important on the domestic violence links on the left is The Battered Woman’s Bill of Rights. When living in an abusive relationship, sometimes victims forget they have rights also. And one of the ones that always stands out for me is that battered women have the right not to be perfect. I don’t know if Mrs. Kane was or was not ‘perfect’. She apparently shared a close relationship with her sisters and daughter and they are shattered at her loss.

Domestic violence is anti discriminatory. It happens irregardless of race, creed, religion, national origin, educational status, financial status, or physical appearance. It does not happen in most relationships, but it can happen in any relationship.

I would like to add that at this point no charges have been filed against Galtieri. Did he commit this murder? That is under investigation. But certainly there is information that during the marriage there was long term abuse. Did he finally become enraged at the court’s acknowlegement of the abuse and efforts to make him liable for it? Time and investigation will give more insight to that.

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A warrant has been taken out on John Galtieri for 2 nd degree murder. In court Galtieri announced his intention to fight extradition. Murder weapon has not been found.



John Galtieri has now been charged in his wife’s murder. Allegedly the evidence against him is video images of a vehicle similiar to the one he was driving being caught on video surrveilance tapes, also a call from his cell phone was logged near the scene of the crime. While the murder weapon has not been found, investigator’s did find ammunition in his vehicle.

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Family and friends share more about Jeanne Kane, her life and what she meant to them.

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At a court hearing on Monday John Galtieri did not contest the extradition and will now be sent to New York to face the charge of 2nd degree murder against him.