News About DV

In news about DV I try to include articles that explore various problems, issues and possible solutions that states or communities are facing that are related to DV. They are not individual crimes, they are related to the problem in general. By looking at the efforts and problems of the various communities, proposed laws and possible solutions in the various communities, maybe something can be adopted or adapted in your own.

Domestic violence reports were focus of questions Or

Domestic violence pilot program launched Ca

SOUTH BURLINGTON: Teens raise money to fight domestic violence Vt

Quick aid for victims of domestic violence Il

Lawmakers Introduce 6 Bills Targeting Domestic Violence NC

Spotlight Friday on domestic violence Oh


Bill would shield addresses of domestic violence victims WV

Advocates push gender-neutral domestic-violence laws Ca

Domestic Violence Survivors Offer Support Mi

And last but certainly not least, LiLO brought to my attention that America’s Most Wanted has joined the fight against DV, and has put up information for teens about DV in teen relationships.

If you are a teen, or if you have a teen child it is well worth the read. Also at the very bottom of the article, there are videos from two teens who talk about their experience’s with DV in their relationships.


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