He seemed to “play to the camera”

Dino M. Scott, 20, and Namrata Ceisel, 18, reportedly had no address and they and their 6 month old baby had been staying with Scott’s father frequently. Namrata Ceisel was also 12 weeks pregnant.

On Jan. 14 it is alleged that the couple did have a dispute over custody of the 6 month old baby. Scott called police but no arrests were made and no other details are given.

On Sunday at just after 7 am surveillance video showed the couple entering an elevator in the apartment building where Scott’s father lived. Allegedly Scott “smirked” at the camera and gave it the finger (the raised middle finger). Then he allegedly turned to Ceisel and began kicking and punching her about the body and face until she appeared to be unconcious.

Allegedly Scott then dragged her off the elevator by the arm. The video reportedly recorded him returning to the elevator a short time later and cleaning up the blood.

A friend or relative of Scott’s took her to the hospital where she was treated for facial injuries. While she was being treated she suffered a miscarriage. As of Tuesday she remained hospitalized in stable condition.

Reportedly Scott later showed up at the hospital. And police say when he was taken into custody there, he had a swollen and discolored hand and it appeared that he had blood on his pants and shoes. Allegedly during his interview Scott denied the assault.

The Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner said about the case

“is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s so brazen and so violent.”

It’s also bizarre, she said because “there’s no indication that [drugs] were involved,” and the attack did not seem to arise from an argument. “This seemed to come out of nowhere.”

Scott has been charged with one count of 2 nd degree murder of an unborn child and one count of 3 rd degree assault.

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  1. Julie Smith said,

    January 28, 2008 at 12:40 am

    I am very hurt by this story. When I was twenty-two, I dated someone who, after six months, talked me into letting him live with me (he had been living with his mother, brother, sister and her children in a 2-3 bedroom apartment in the building next to mine). He promptly:

    a. “Got fired” from his job
    b. became physical with me when I wouldn’t let his friend live with me
    c. stopped paying bills when his unemployment ran out

    …among other things …drinking, verbal abuse, various attempts (by attempts, I mean I beat the crap back out of him) at physical abuse

    I packed his things and took them back to his mother’s house and changed my locks. I put in for a transfer to another state from work, and began packing my household for the move. Right before I left, I found out that I was pregnant. After much debate, not wanting to raise another child on my own (I was already a single mother of one), he came across the country with me…where, of course, the behavior continued and worsened. He wouldn’t work (wouldn’t even go look for a job), didn’t seem to care about doing anything for himself or for his soon-to-be-born child. The physical abuse continued, and then our son was born. The physical abuse became MUCH worse, and after one evening where I dared him to go to sleep, he finally took my request to call his sister for a plane ticket home seriously and left the next day with our son. (I had no one to watch a small baby). I put in a request for a transfer from work in order to move closer to where my child was, and was promptly denied, so I put in my two-weeks notice. In the meantime, my brother-in-law and some friends were visiting when my son’s father called the house. I don’t know what the conversation was (I was at work), but he totally flipped. He called my job repeatedly and left obscene, horrible messages (my manager would NOT let me listen to them, because she said I would get too upset). My one attempt at conversation with him was a fiasco, so I decided to let him cool off while I prepared to move. Once I got back home (still a different state from him, but not clear across the country), I was unable to contact him. His family had moved, and he had moved, taking my son with him. Back then, parental abduction wasn’t something the police were quick to do anything about; their response was that if he had physical custody, and we weren’t married, then he was the custodial parent and there was nothing they could do about it. After hiring a private investigator with my last remaining funds (he turned out to be a wash), I was suck with not knowing where my child was or what he was doing or how he was growing up. The Internet offered up new opportunities to search, but until recently, I was unable to find any information. Now the information I find is that my abusive ex-boyfriend taught my son to be an abuser as well. My heart is broken. I am as grief-stricken as I was when I first lost him. The cycle of domestic violence is a long one, and I am sorry that I didn’t follow my first thought and move away without his dad and raise him alone.

  2. no name said,

    January 28, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    Actually all you can do is move on and accept that you were young and going in circles and made some mistakes. Did you raise your other child?

    All you can do is talk to the child who is now an abusive adult about getting “help for his illness”.

    I dated a man who was abusive to me and to his young son. I got away from him and begged the child to seek help as soon as he could afford to leave home. He did not and though he hated the things his father did – HE ALSO IS AN ABUSIVE ADULT. From woman to woman, leaving kids behind to grow feeling rejected, etc.. He has a hate/love relationship with his father and is very hateful to him – if the father wasn’t able to protect himself, this prior abused child would probably abuse him.

    Oh and the father – HIS MOTHER ABUSED HIM. He has never accepted that and prefers to talk about only the good – but it sure is a cycle..

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