Kirby Grant, 46, and Kate Grant,32, were reportedly going through what has been called “a bitter divorce”.

Early on Sunday morning a family member of one of the couple noted they were absent and went looking for them. The family member found two vehicles belonging to both Kate and Kirby Grant parked alongside the road. The Grants were each in their own vehicles. The family member called 911 and police responded to the scene at 7:55 am.  

Kate Grant was in her vehicle and appeared to have a gunshot through the head, Kirby Grant was in his vehicle and also had a shot to the head, police say it appeared to be self-inflicted.

Police believe that Grant shot and killed Kate Grant while they were driving, then killed himself.

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Little is being said about what time this may have occurred or where the parties were coming from or going to. There is no indication of any history for the couple.

But it is important to remember that even if they don’t seem to, no one knows a spouse’s schedule better than the other spouse. Likewise, a spouse often knows who the other spouse will visit or where they might be found.

If during a separation things get violent or threats are made, a spouse should alter that schedule. Work at a different place, work a different shift, use different entrances to buildings, park in different areas and alter driving routes. If violence or threats occur, make a police report and follow through on filing charges and obtaining a protection/restraining order. If the order gets violated, report it to police. 

Contact a domestic violence agency, work on a safety plan and if at all possible, consider the use of a shelter.

Some tips about a safety plan can be found here:




(Also there are also tips for people who are in abusive relationships and still in the home. And as a tip, many more resources and suggestions can be found by doing a search on the keywords “domestic violence safety plan”)

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