Extreme Danger

Jerry D. White, 30, and his girlfriend Kimberly Walker, 31, have 4 children together. And police say White has a history of domestic violence against Kimberly Walker.

Allegedly White had been harrassing Walker over the last several days and on Friday White had used a weapon to confine her to a car, then he stole the vehicle.

Kimberly Walker made contact with her sister and because of the problems she had been having with White, the sister and her sister’s boyfriend made the decision to stay with Walker.

Saturday morning about 2 am, White returned to Walker’s home and allegedly broke into the home. He allegedly shot the sister’s boyfriend twice then held the household at gunpoint until 11:30 then next morning refusing to allow them to call for assistance for the injured man. At about 11:30 am he forced Kimberly Walker and their children into a vehicle and took off. After they left the sister/girlfriend of the injured man contacted police.

The sister’s boyfriend has not been identified, but police say he is in critical condition and his prognosis is poor.

The children are identified as Jaylan Walker, 9; Justin Walker, 8; Kyara Walker, 6; and Kayla Walker, 16 months. Jaylan Walker is a severe asthmatic and requires daily treatment with a ventilator, but that device was left behind.

Police have issued an Amber Alert for the children. An arrest warrant has been taken out against Jerry White and police are searching for him and the family. The couple had previously lived in Chicago and have family there.

Police initially said they may be driving either a red 4 door Dodge Intrepid or a 1993 beige 2 door Saturn. But both vehicles have since been recovered. Police do feel the woman and children are in ‘extreme danger.’

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Police say they have received reports that the family is alive and they have reports of sightings of the family, but they are not releasing details.

The sister’s boyfriend who was shot has been identified as Lathie Turnage, 30, he was shot twice, once in the chest and once in the face. He is reported to be in critical but stable condition.

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Breaking News: Fox is reporting that Kimberly Walker and her children have been found alive. Jerry White has been placed under arrest.



The family was found in a motel about 4 miles from where the shooting occurred after Walker made calls to relatives to tell them they were ok. Walker and kids are ok, White was taken into custody after attempting to hide.

Lathie Turnage remains in critical condition, but his girlfriend says that doctors are optimistic.

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There was a long history of abuse between Jerry White and Kimberly Walker. There was a conviction in 2004 and another in 1999. Police were called to the home 9 times before Saturday’s shooting.

Kimberly Walker and her sister had discussed after the shooting that she needed to do whatever she had to to stay alive. Even if it meant getting along with White. “As long as she stayed in the same frame of mind, she’d be fine,” she said. “She had to stay like she was his friend, to be his friend, like she’s with him.”

White allowed Walker to contact her family three times during the time she and her children were held. In those conversations with her family, they used a code they had previously set up to let them know she was not okay and that she was not with him voluntarily. “When she didn’t respond properly, we knew this wasn’t something she was willingly doing.”



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