A History

Akayla Cuffee, 26, had just moved into a new apartment with her boyfriend 2 months earlier. Two weeks earlier she had had a new baby.

On Monday about 1 pm police received a call from her family requesting that police check on her. Inside the apartment police found her body.

One article indicated the child was unharmed, another article indicates that no one else was in the apartment when her body was found.

Police began looking for the boyfriend Jamal Mann. On Tuesday police received a call that Mann was at the home of a family member. When they responded, police say that Mann tried to run. They were able to take him into custody.

Police took Jamal Mann, 27,  into custody for the  murder of Akayla Cuffee. Reportedly he also had an outstanding warrant for domestic assault. Jamal Mann reportedly did have a criminal history of assault and battery of a family member, rape and aggravated sexual battery. And he was also a registered sex offender for taking indecent liberties of a child.

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If someone has a history of violence, that is an indication of how they handle difficulties. They may give a good story about how they got the history, they may even say it was a lie. But they received an opportunity to prove in court that it was a false allegation, and a conviction indicates that the case was heard, the evidence viewed and a guilty verdict arrived at. They may blame the other, but no one can force someone to commit a violent act against their will. The fact that they do not acknowlege their responsibility indicates their unwillingness to make changes. There may be a feeling or an indication that because they ‘truly’ love, they would never harm. But their past behaviors indicate they handle problems with violence. And it takes a lot of work to change that. Love does not make an exemption.

A child is one of the most vulnerable persons there are. And a history of forcing a child or taking advantage of a child indicates that not only the person they love but their children could also be endangered.

Look at the history, and remember. Love does not mean an exemption to violence.

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