This story isn’t about domestic violence. It is more about the rage that can blind someone set on domestic violence, and the way that domestic violence can endanger the community.


A 17 year old boyfriend and his girlfriend were attending a party and allegedly they quarreled. The girl left the party and the boy followed.

A 17 year old girl called police and told them someone had struck the back of her vehicle with their vehicle. Reportedly the victim said the suspect struck her vehicle about 15 times and pushed her through stop signs. Dispatchers advised her to lead the suspect toward police who were responding to the report.

State police and deputies caught up with the suspect and the suspect took off, beginning a chase which reached speeds up to 90 miles per hour.

When they got him stopped, police say the suspect driver told them that he thought his girlfriend was in the car. He wanted to talk to her and get a goodnight kiss. He also told police that he was talking on his cellphone with his girlfriend, and telling her to stop. She told him she was stopped and didn’t know what he was talking about.

Possible charges will be assault with a vehicle, fleeing police, and drunk driving.


 Whoops! Wrong Girl!

He wanted to make up. He wanted his goodnight kiss.

She just wanted to go on her way and go about doing whatever she had been doing safely. She just wanted to be safe.

Police just wanted to stop an allegedly dangerous driver. Police just wanted to stay safe.

The other drivers on the highways just wanted to be safe.

His target…. evidently stopped and was waiting for him.


I just love the way the British puts it.

Drunken kiss-seeker rams wrong car

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