The Argument

Allen “AJ” Johnson, 34, and Megan Price, 21, are described in various articles as boyfriend/girlfriend and aquaintances.

Police say that in Oct. they received a report from Price’s mother saying that her daughter had been abused. But police say Price denied abuse and resumed a relationship with Johnson.

A neighbor who lived near Johnson said when he came home from work on Friday night about midnight he heard a male and a female arguing in Johnson’s home. But he said that wasn’t anything unusual. The neighbor also said that he saw signs that Price had been beaten up on at least one occasion, but he didn’t know by who.

About 5 am Sat. morning police received a call from Megan Price. Police have said ”The girlfriend made the 9-11 call, and she indicated she’d stabbed her boyfriend.”

When police arrived they found Allen AJ Johnson dead on the living room floor with a stab wound to his upper chest.

Megan Price was arrested and charged with voluntary manslaughter. Authorities have said that Price indicated that the slaying was an “impulsive and passionate” act and did not meet the qualifications for a murder charge which requires premeditation.

Most interesting quote from the articles: ”A good man lost his life and if their relationship was that bad, she should have told somebody or left, she didn’t need to kill him”.            

I guess the reason I found the quote to be so interesting is because the only way I have ever seen “if their relationship was that bad, she should have told somebody or left” used before, it has been when it was being used to talk about a female victim, and used in the context of ‘well if it was so bad at home, then why didn’t she leave?’ I don’t think I have ever seen it used before about a suspect.

I did not see any indication in the articles about Price having any injuries or requiring a hospital visit.

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