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Each year there are awards given for bloggers. It’s just for fun, not for profit. But one category of blogger is not usually represented. The crime blogger.

This year we would like to change that. It is time for the 2007 Bloggies (sorta like the Grammy’s or Oscar’s but without the media or the glitz). Trench has written a great post and given suggestions on how individual crime bloggers might fit under the different categories. The more nominations a blog gets, the greater the chance of ending up as a finalist.

We are asking our readers to help us by making nominations to the Bloggies to help us get considered for the awards. Check out Trench’s post, check the True Crime Blogroll on the left, make your selections and go nominate. But you need to hurry as the nominations close on Jan. 10, 2007 at 10 PM Eastern Time. There is a box to check if you wish to volunteer to judge the finalists.

Yes, my name is on the list. But I don’t care who you nominate so much. I just want to see a crime blogger get a Bloggie this year.

2007 Bloggies

Other awards currently going on which would also be appreciated:

Insignificant Awards    nominations close Jan. 10

Blog of the Day is ongoing

We would appreciate your support.

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