The Family

Jose, 37, and Abigail, 34, Alonzo were the parents of two boys. Jose Jr. was 18 and the other boy was 11 years old. Neighbors have said the family seemed close and happy.

The neighbors say that Jose seemed especially close to Jose Jr. though he played soccer with both boys in the yard and he was known for taking the boys places.

There had been some marital problems recently, though no one seems to have known of any violence. One neighbor has said “I was shocked, but at the same time I wasn’t,” “He’d told me about some problems he’d been having, but I didn’t think it would go to that extent.” The couple had recently separated, with Jose moving out of the home.

Wednesday morning a relative who also happened to be a neighbor heard shots from the home about 4:50 am. They went to the couple’s apartment to check on them and called police.

Police found Jose Alonzo and Abigail in the hallway dead from gunshot wounds. They found the boys in their beds. Jose Jr. was also dead from a gunshot, the 11 year old boy was still clinging to life.

The youngest was taken to the hospital and put on life support. It is reported his wounds are life threatening, he is not expected to survive.

Police say they found the weapon by Jose Sr.                                            

It seems so simple doesn’t it? Even if the couple would break up, the family would survive through the children. But because the relationship was coming apart, the family was destroyed.

Jose Jr… a young man, just coming into adulthood. He will never have a home of his own, never get married, never have children of his own, never teach his children the things his father taught him.

The 11 year old boy who is so determinedly clinging to life. Will he live to grow up? If he survives, how much damage will he have? Will he ever have a chance to have his first girlfriend, learn to drive, graduate from school?

Abigail, will never see her children marry, will never hold her first grandchild, will not be there to guide them into adulthood.

And yes, Jose Sr. He also will not share with his children, will not teach his grandchildren to play soccer, will not teach them about life the way he taught his sons.

He had a chance to teach his sons one more lesson. He had a chance to teach them how to survive loss. But that is one lesson he didn’t teach them, one lesson he had never learned.


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  1. D.P. said,

    January 5, 2007 at 7:36 am

    Yet another senseless, senseless tragedy. Who knows what those young boys could have brought to the world?

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