It’s a twin thing

Police were called to a home on a complaint of domestic violence Saturday about 11:30 pm.  They arrested Lance Williams and were preparing to take him to jail, when shots rang out from the home. Police took the nearest cover they could find behind trees, in ditches, behind bushes or whatever would give them a bit of cover.

Lance had a twin. The twin’s name was Lindsay. And it seems that Lindsay Williams, 37, was in the home firing at the officers.

Police say that there were 75-100 rounds fired from various windows  of the home. Police believe that a shotgun, a handgun, and a semi-automatic rifle were used in the shootings. Shots struck and damaged at least 6 vehicles.

Neighbors have said that there would be multiple shots fired, then it would get quiet for a bit, then the shooting would start again. There was some damage to neighboring homes from the gunfire. Neighbors took cover in their homes.

This went on for almost 4 hours.

  About 3:30 am Williams managed to slip out of the home. He jumped into a sheriff’s cruiser and led police on a 100 mile per hour chase, jumping on and off the interstate and bypass highways.

Police say Williams finally came to a stop. But even then he wouldn’t surrender. An officer shot Williams in the leg. After he was arrested, police found a weapon near Williams.

A police officer was hit by debris and was treated at the scene. Police say the girlfriend was not injured. Williams was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released.

Lance Williams (the original call) was arrested for drug charges, resisting arrest, and obstruction of an official. Lindsay Williams was charged with 5 counts of attempted murder of law enforcement officers, and they say other charges are pending.                                            

What started it all kind of gets lost in the events that follows. But domestic violence is a community problem. And this is one more way it reaches out and touches the community.

Neighbors forced to take cover in their own homes, police officers lives endangered, and even motorists lives endangered while the ‘armed and dangerous’ man was leading officers on a police chase.

And it leads me to another point I have been wanting to make. I don’t approve of drugs. I really, really don’t. I believe they are dangerous not only for the user, but for everyone in the household with the user. But really, if you are doing drugs- keep in mind, the surest way to get arrested for it, is to cause domestic violence!


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  1. Chris Duke said,

    January 29, 2007 at 11:18 pm

    I went to high school with both of the twins (Lance and Lindsay Williams) and to say that I was shocked by this news would be a gross understatement. They were both very laid back non-violent kids from a nice middle class home in Mt Healthy, Ohio. This should serve to prove the effects that drug use/abuse can have on an otherwise non-violent personality

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