Former wife, girlfriend and in-law

John Paul Lawrence began dating his former girlfriend in April 2005, but they had not dated recently. The former girlfriend has said that while they were dating he stopped taking his medication for a mental disorder. And she says that he had made repeated threats to kill his ex-wife for divorcing him. He and his ex-wife got their divorce in May 2005.

Yet he contacted the former girlfriend recently. “He wanted to spend Christmas with me this year, because he was going to be alone, but my family didn’t want him here.”

On Wednesday, Lawrence sent her a total of 32 text messages. “He threatened to hurt me,” “He dared me to come over.” At 1:03 am she received her last message from him, it said he wanted to be cremated. The sheriff has said he sent the same message to two acquaintances.

According to reports, Lawrence also made made contact with his ex-wife that day and threatened to hurt her. His wife contacted her parents and they came to her home to stay with her.

At 3:00 am Lawrence showed up at his ex-wife’s home with a gun. His father-in-law Harvey Lee Hand met him on the front porch. The two began arguing and Lawrence shot Hand in the torso. He then dropped the gun and fled.

Police had been called when Lawrence showed up at the house and they were able to stop him. He has been charged with aggravated assault.

Mr. Hand was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery and is reported to be in critical but stable condition.  

It is believed that Lawrence may have been coming to the home to kill his ex-wife and the children, then himself. But he was not aware that his ex-wife’s parents had come to the home.

The ex-wife and children were not harmed.

Lawrence did have a criminal history, in Sept. 2005 he was arrested for family violence assault.        


Harvey Lee Hand is being called a hero for defending his daughter. But this is not the first time he has committed a heroic action. He once ran into a burning home to see if an elderly neighor was inside and managed to save her dog.

Harvey Hand is reported to be improving and has been removed from the ventilator.


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