“Don’t come home”

Todd Phillips, 38, and his girlfriend, 21, had been out Tuesday night and Wednesday morning to a couple of bars and a friend’s home. They both were drinking. When a disagreement developed between the two, Phillips left the friend’s home between 3 and 3:30 am and went home. He reportedly called her several times telling her to come home.

At 3:54 am the girlfriend received a text message from Phillips.  “Don’t come home.”

At 4:03 am another message “I’m going to kill you.”

At 4:09 am came another message “Hey, don’t come home. I’m trying to warn you, OK? I totally booby trapped something to the back door. The shotgun is going to go off and blow your insides out, please just don’t come home. OK? I’m trying to save you. OK? Bye.”

Shortly afterward the girlfriend left the home, she walked 4-5 blocks because when Phillips left he had taken the car.

At the home the dispute became physical with some pushing and shoving. The girlfriend then went to the bathroom and removed her contacts. However, when she went to put her glasses on, she found the lenes were out of the glasses.

She went to the kitchen to confront Phillips about her glasses, felt a wire brush her leg, and heard a shotgun blast. She saw wood chips flying from the door that was hit by the shotgun blast.

She called the friends whose home she had been at earlier and they came and got her. At their home police were called at 5:21 am.

Police made contact with Phillips about 8 am and he surrendered without further incident at 8:43 am.

Todd Phillips was arrested for being armed while intoxicated. Police obtained a search warrant for the home, and they say other charges are possible.

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To the girlfriend it probably seemed like drunken ramblings. But never underestimate a drunken or drugged person. Keep in mind that drugs and alcohol will lower inhibitions against violence.

This guy set up a trip to a shotgun, then placed it somewhere he thought she would go. He most likely placed himself in the kitchen as a lure to ensure she came into the kitchen.

He possibly removed her lenses from her glasses to ensure she would have difficulty seeing the setup with the shotgun.

And we have another example of how ‘a couples problem’ affects a community. The neighborhood woke up on Wednesday morning to find armed officers in their neighborhood and on their streets. They were there to protect and promote safety. But it would be frightening all the same. Thankfully a firefight did not start.




  1. February 27, 2007 at 8:39 pm

    While domestic violence and anger management are very different, skills in anger management can reduce person directed violence. It’s unfortunate that anger management isn’t taught as a mandatory course for everyone in the public school system. Situations like this one might not have occured as much should he learned effective skills at an ealier age.

    Ari Novick, Ph.D.

  2. Dana Johnson said,

    April 20, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    Please contact me on this Todd Gregory Phillips born May 10, 1964. He was just in my life and stole much from me. I am trying to get him convicted on these charges and revoke his probation/parole.

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