Her Car Broke Down

Relatives have said the relationship between Jose Solis, 23, and Natasha D. Crump, 20, was marred by domestic violence. Earlier this year Solis was convicted of misdemeanor domestic battery and was sentenced to probation. He was ordered to have no violent contact with her.

Several months ago Natasha Crump moved out with their 20 month old daughter. Then her car broke down. Without a car she did not have transportation to the two jobs she held. So she moved back in with Solis.

Relatives say Solis was still upset about her moving out. “He was very abusive, very controlling. He didn’t like for her to talk to other men; didn’t like her to have, you know, anybody around her,”  “He had always said, no matter what — nobody could have her unless he had her.” “When she (Crump) was around family, he didn’t want her there.”

Crump’s employer says that Solis was banned from coming to her place of employment, because of arguments he had with her there. “We didn’t have to file a police report, but it was best for her safety and the safety of the customers not to allow him in.”

Saturday morning police recieved a call about an unresponsive woman. Natasha Crump was pronounced dead at the scene. On Tuesday afternoon Jose Solis was taken into custody on suspicion of murder.

In court on Thursday, Jose Benjamin Solis was charged with first degree murder and rape.

For Natasha Crump’s family, this was not their first experience with homicide or with domestic violence.

In 1997 Natasha Crump’s grandfather was killed during a robbery. And in 1980 one of her uncles sent a gift wrapped package to his ex-wife. The package exploded and the blast killed his ex-wife and 5 members of her family.

Their child is now with the maternal grandmother.

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She made it out. Then something like her car breaking down drives her back in. Many times a financial situation can come into play with domestic violence relationships. Without a means to live, a person sometimes feels they have to put themselves back into a dangerous situation in order to survive.

She worked two jobs, she provided for both herself and her child. Yet without transportation, she had no way to do so. Many communities have programs which take donations of vehicles for situations like this. Yet the donations are often few and far in between. Thus many people are left to make decisions like this. Go back to the violent situation or lose the income, the means of survival.


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  1. becka said,

    September 1, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    i loved her so much and i will miss her for the rest of my life and so will my family

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