A night of horror

Details are still sketchy on this one, the victims and suspects names have not been released pending notification of relatives.

The household consisted of a husband, 55, and wife, 44, and her two children, an 18 year old young man and a 17 (some say 16) year old girl. Unconfirmed names for the children are given as Richard and Meggie.

Current articles say that Wednesday night about 8:20 pm the stepfather fatally shot his wife in their bedroom. It is believed the children did not hear their mother being shot.

The stepfather allegedly then went to the boy’s room. Seeing that his stepfather was armed, Richard fled to his sister’s room and they barricaded themselves in the bedroom and called 911.

“That’s where police heard the violent encounter, when the stepfather forces the door open.” After breaking into the room the stepfather fired more shots, and Meggie was hit multiple times. At some point Richard had also been shot in the torso several times. Richard tried to fight back using a small knife.

Richard fled to a neighbors home and asked that they call police. But wounded and concerned for his mother and sister, Richard went back to the home.

Richard confronted his stepfather in the kitchen of the home. A struggle ensued where the stepfather was stabbed more than once with a kitchen knife.  

When police arrived they found the husband and wife both dead in the home, both children wounded. The children were taken to the hospital, Meggie in critical condition. Richard’s wounds were not considered to be life threatening and he is reported to be in stable condition. Two guns and two knives were recovered from the home.

Police say they had not had previous calls to the home in the past year.

Early this morning, the 17 year died from her injuries.

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The couple’s names were Lee M. Howe, 54, he is believed to have shot his wife and both of her children. The wife’s name was Catherine Howe, 44. The son 18 year old Richard Le survived the attack. Meggie Le, 17, was heard on the 911 call telling a dispatcher that her stepfather was armed with a gun and pled for police to get there quickly. Her death was announced earlier today.

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From the 911 tapes, Meggie told dispatchers “Someone here has a gun. … It’s my stepdad. Please hurry!”  Then the line went dead.

Police are not disclosing if the stepfather was stabbed or shot. They do say they believe that there were two guns used that night, but they say they are sure just how yet. Richard Le has been discharged from the hospital. The investigation is continuing.

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Community support to try to help with funeral costs.



Richard Le is out of the hospital. And he has been posting about the murders on a website. Le has posted an apology to his sister Meggie for not being able to pull her into a closet with him before the stepfather burst into the room. “I am SO sorry that I was not able to pull you into the closet in time … I tried Meggie I tried I swear …,” and to his mother and sister “I can’t even begin to fathom my life without you two,” “I Love You Meggie … Please pray for me, I’m going to need all of the prayers I can get to make it through these hard times.”

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Richard Le went through more that night than most adults go through in a lifetime. And he did it with more courage than most. Wounded he managed to get to a neighbors to call for help, and wounded and armed only with a knife he returned to try to help his mother and sister. He took on a man armed with a gun.  He did the best that he could for them. Yet he still feels the need to apologize, because he couldn’t stop the chain of events that his stepfather set in motion.


Richard Le has been speaking about the events that occurred that night.

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Details from the search warrant




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    Damn. I was really hoping that poor girl would survive. Her brother is a very brave person and my heart goes out to him.

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