Missing Children

Elizabeth Leon’s mother became concerned when she had not heard from her. Last Thursday the mother contacted the sheriff’s department and asked that they check on her.

When deputies arrived they had to force entry into the home. They found Elizabeth Leon, 22, dead from multiple stab wounds. It is believed she had been dead for several days. She was 7 months pregnant at the time of her death.

Elizabeth Leon resided in the apartment with her three children and her boyfriend Jorge Tovar. A landlord has said the couple appeared loving to each other and seemed to treat each other with respect. The children are ages 4, 2, and an infant.

Tovar and the children were missing from the home. Investigators are not calling Tovar a suspect, they are calling him a ‘person of interest’. The sheriff’s department are not saying whether they have made contact with Tovar, but they do say the children have not been seen since before the murder. FBI has been called in on the investigation.

Once a suspect is arrested, they will face two counts of murder, one for Elizabeth Leon and one for the child she was carrying.

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First of all, I need to emphasize that no one has been named as a suspect in the murder. Tovar is only described as a ‘person of interest’. But investigators do want to talk to him, and as long as he remains missing investigators will continue to be interested in him.

Also of concern is the missing children. Since they went missing at about the same time as their mother was murdered and with no knowlege of who they are with, of course their safety is being questioned.

Is this a domestic violence murder? It is of course too early to say for sure. But statistics say that the primary cause of death for pregnant women, is violence at the hands of her spouse or partner.


“We have received information and some sightings of the children and they do not appear to be in any harm,” according to the sheriff. They are not releasing any info on where the children were sighted, nor are they releasing pictures of the children. Also according to the sheriff “We have no suspects. Several people classified as persons of interest.” They are investigating the murder and the missing children separately.



The children have been located with their grandparents and are reported to be doing well. Children’s Services have cleared the grandparents to become  the children’s guardian’s, but the court has final say so over the guardianship. Sheriff’s investigators say they are still searching for a suspect.



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