A “one time incident”

 James Aaron Miller, 30, reportedly sent his father multiple text messages shortly after midnight on Tuesday. The messages had the father concerned that Miller might be suicidal so he contacted police and asked them to check on Miller.

When police arrived at the home, they say that Miller answered the door and “He told the officer he was ready to go.” After a look inside officers understood why.

Inside the home they found Bridgette Barr, 28, in a bedroom dead underneath a blanket. A short distance away was her 5 year old daughter Sydney. In a bathroom, officers found the body of her 2 year old son Garrett. Police believe the mother and children may have been dead for up to 6 days. The causes of their deaths has yet to be determined but police say there were no obvious wounds, though due to the state of decomposition they may not have been apparent. Allegedly Miller told officers that he strangled two of them, and may have killed the third also.

Police have said there were no signs of a struggle in the apartment, but there was a small amount of blood on a wall. Officers say there were signs that Miller may have tried to clean up after the murders as there were signs the walls had been recently cleaned.

The children did not live with Bridgette Barr. They normally lived with their father. But they were visting with their mother for the Christmas holidays. A neighbor had spent Thursday evening with Barr, Miller and the children watching movies and says there did not appear to be any friction between the couple.

James Miller has been charged with 3 counts of capital murder.

According to some articles, this was not Miller’s first accusation of domestic violence. According to at least one article, Miller was arrested for domestic violence in 1998, against his ex-wife. Reportedly at that time he grabbed her by the throat, covered her mouth and nose and struck her in the face. He allegedly threatened her with a knife and told her he would kill her if she wasn’t pregnant.

Barr and Miller had been together for about 2 years. At least one person has alleged that Miller also abused Barr. “I know he had beat her a couple of times.” On June 16 Brigette Barr told police that when she attempted to throw Miller out of their apartment he grabbed her by the throat and threw her on a couch, then struck her in the face. Then on June 19 th, she told police she would not file charges because it was a “one time incident.” Both children reportedly witnessed that attack against their mother.

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Many times when someone has been previously charged with domestic violence offenses, the blame will be put on the other party. It makes it easier to connect with someone new to say “he/she did this or that that made me do it, I am not like that”. But the truth is, if violence is how problems are handled in one relationship, that is most likely how problems will be handled in subsequent relationships. So hearing that there was violence should be a clue about getting involved.

Likewise, if there is “one incident” in a relationship, there will most likely be others. No matter how many times they say they are sorry, no matter how sincere they appear to be about their apology, it is most likely to happen again. And too many times it does escalate.  

Both should be taken as signs that you do not want to get involved or that it is time to get out of the relationship while you still can.


Reportedly Miller has confessed to strangling Bridgette Barr and Sydney, but says he didn’t know what happened to Garrick though he “probably killed him because it could not have been anyone else.”



According to reports, 5 year old Sydney begged not to go to her mother’s for Christmas. Allegedly she was scared to go there because Miller lived there.

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