An affinity for edged weapons

It started as a carjacking. Police were called to a gas station Monday on a complaint that as a customer was filling their car with gas, a man took the car at knifepoint. The customer was treated for minor injuries. Police found an abandoned vehicle in the parking lot, and they traced it back to it’s owner.

The owner of that vehicle had another story to tell them. He said that his son had been staying in a guest house on the premises with his live in girlfriend. And that he had not seen the woman around for a while. So he asked his son Michael Ray Faler about her. According to what the father told media, his son admitted to hurting her. “He got up right in my face and screamed it out,” “I know he’s not lying.” Faler then took his father’s  car and left.

Police found evidence in Faler’s home that he may have dismembered his girlfriend. Blood was allegedly found in a trash can and inside the home where they had stayed. And they are in the process of recovering her body which was located near the home.

They learned a lot more about Faler. The learned he had a history of “acute mental illness”. And a history of carjackings. According to police he had served time in prison for carjacking, and that he carjacked the way some people take a bus. “He does carjackings. That’s his m.o. for getting around. That’s how he is mobile,”  “He’s very brazen and has no fear to do this.” They also learned that he was expert in martial arts and they learned he “possesses an affinity for edged weapons.” like knives and swords. According to the father “I want him caught,” “He’s dangerous.” 

Police located the hijacked vehicle on Wednesday at another station where they had another complaint of another carjacking complaint. Police say he has carjacked several cars while on the run.

Police spotted Michael Ray Faler at a restaurant in California on Thursday. When law enforcement moved in, he reportedly tried to drive away, but crashed into a pole then a wall. He reportedly then jumped out of the car and tried to run but was taken into custody after a struggle. A large knife was allegedly found in his possession.  He was arrested on warrants for 2 nd degree murder and 1 st degree robbery. 


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