Some things don’t get better with age

John Watson, 67, and his wife Everilda Watson, 50, decided to take a trip to Las Vegas in July. When the vacation was over, he returned to their home alone.

Watson reportedly said that he had last seen his wife July 12, that the two argued and that she left him- he thought she left for good.

Everilda Watson’s children were concerned about their mother and her whereabouts. On July 15 they reported her missing. Police began an investigation.

During their investigation they say they found large amounts of blood in the Jeep Cherokee belonging to the couple. They say they also found that Watson had purchased an electric saw, bleach, odor absorbent trash bags, and other items. According to reports they also believe that Watson rented other hotel rooms besides the room he shared with his wife, and that he checked into one of those rooms on July 12 wearing a wig and fake mustache. Those rooms were paid for in cash. Everilda Watson’s blood was reportedly found in the shower drain. A search of the couple’s home found some trash bags and a utility knife. Police say both had Everilda Watson’s blood on them.

No sign of Everilda Watson, has been found. But police say they believe they know what happened. In August they moved to arrest Watson for the murder of his wife. And police say when they arrested him, he was found about to board a bus to El Paso, Texas. They say he had a ticket to El Paso and was also in possession of a disguise when he was arrested. Also in his possession was several thousand dollars and a false ID.

They charged John Watson with the kidnapping and murder of Everilda Watson. Police say they believe that Watson murdered her and then dismembered her body. At Watson’s initial court appearance he showed up in a wheelchair. And besides the usual court business, he reportedly made several complaints about his treatment.

At a recent hearing, Watson appeared without the wheelchair. At that hearing he was also charged with using a gun in the murder and charged with robbery, of her cell phone, credit cards, and wedding ring.

Many people seem to be of an opinion that if there is no body a crime cannot be proven. And at one time that may have been true. However, more and more through forensics police are able to prove foul play. And once that is proven, a body is not always needed to prosecute.



  1. Pati said,

    December 21, 2006 at 6:50 am

    You are correct that with the new dna and othe forensic technology, the presence of blood or tissue and the absence of a body can still bring in a guilty verdict.

    I hope that he gets the verdict he deserves.

  2. Stephen said,

    December 27, 2006 at 4:57 pm

    John Watson was my high school geometry and drivers’ ed teacher. I remember him as a concerned and caring teacher. I really hope that he’s not what all the evidence seems to make him out to be.

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