Point Blank

Rebecca Ann Wilson, 24, was driving into her apartment complex yesterday about 1 pm, when two gunshots went through the front window of her vehicle. Authorities say she was shot point blank in the face and chest. Witnesses who saw the shooting have stated the weapon used was a shotgun, and that after the shooting the man gunman then drove slowly away.

The witness contacted police. Rebecca Wilson was pronounced dead at the scene. Police began looking for her ex-husband Dale Ray Wilson, 28, and they spotted his car at his place of employment.

Police attempted to make contact with Wilson, but they report the building was locked. Police blocked the street and a standoff began. A SWAT team and the bomb squad were called in. Several hours into the standoff Wilson reportedly called a local TV station. He reportedly told them he was upset with his ex-wife because she wouldn’t let him see his children. The standoff lasted for almost eight hours before Wilson surrendered to police at 9:45 pm.

Police have said the couple were estranged, but they were not sure if they were divorced or not. Neighbors have said Rebecca Wilson’s two children were not at home at the time of the shooting, and police have said the children were not harmed and they are now with relatives.

Dale Wilson was arrested and will face first degree murder charges.

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It always amazes me when a parent uses the fact that they were not getting visitation as an excuse for murder. I understand the anger it causes. I understand the frustration. But not the murder.

If she was alive there would always be the hope that she would begin allowing the visitation. But even if she had never allowed the visitation, at some point the children would turn 18 years old. If he kept track of the children, contact with them could be made at that time. But by committing murder and if he is convicted, he ensured that when they turn 18 he will be locked away from them, and with the knowlege that he had murdered their mother- that lessens the chance that he will ever be able to reestablish a relationship with them.

In addition, he left the children with no parent available to care for them, no parent to comfort them over the loss of their mother. He left them with the memory of a funeral, right before Christmas and a lifetime of Christmas’s remembering what happened this year. Likely  some member of the family will step forward and take the children and love them. But no amount of love and care will be able to erase the fact that their  mother is dead at the hands of their father. Or to make up for the fact that their father is unavailable to them.


Initially identified as Dale Ray Wilson, the suspect’s name is actually Del Ray Wilson. Rebecca Wilson’s age which was given as 24, was said to actually be 23.

Rebecca Wilson was granted a restraining order on Sept. 25 after she told the court “He accused me of cheating and beat me up and put me in the hospital,”  “He has said many times before he would kill me if I left, the last time was about a month ago.”

Four times over the following weeks he was charged with violating that order. In November Rebecca Wilson requested the order be modified to incude her children. She stated he was using the children to get in touch with her and was asking them about where she lived. The modification was granted. According to his family the last time he had seen his children was on Halloween night.




  1. silverside said,

    December 22, 2006 at 2:37 pm

    She wouldn’t let him see the kids? Seems like she had very solid reasons to be concerned, doesn’t it? Would you want YOUR children to go out with someone who had assaulted people and had a criminal history like this? The authorities should have read him the riot act from the very beginning. He’s mad cause he misses the kids? BS. He’s mad because he doesn’t have control, and he’d rather kill the mother of his children and thoroughly traumatize his children than lose control.

  2. hoovman27 said,

    December 26, 2006 at 9:07 am

    No one really knows the real facts. There is not excuse for murder . But we have to ask ourselves, was she really cheating on him? There was no reason for him to bet on her. Was she using the kids herself to hold the grudge against him. She knew how he hurt her before, why push his buttons. We already know that he was very good with kids by the newspaper clippings we have seen. Why not let him see his kids. I know for a fact that the only contact that Del could have was though his parents to her. She called to see when kids could come stay with them and Del yells in the background ( tell my kids i love them)! She calls the police and has him arrested for talking to her. I think Rebecca’s lawyer is just as much to blame as anyone. She pushed her to do as much as she could to hold anything agaisnt him that could hurt him in court as possible. So I guess from here all that we are going to hear about is the bad, not the truth…

  3. Becky J said,

    December 26, 2006 at 10:47 am

    OMG!! I cant believe that u, hoovman, just justified this mans crime of murder, the murder of his childrens, you know the ones he loved and missed so much, mother!! Just because he supposedly was a good father because some newspaper clippings said he was doesnt mean that eventually he wouldnt have hurt those kids. And as a mother she had to protect them from that. And havnt you ever heard of using the law to gain some sort of custody with children? They do that you know, visitation, once they seen that he was fit to see those kids he wouldve been able to see them. Seems to me this guy needed some sort of anger management. At first he wasnt banned from seeing the kids, she didnt modify the protective order until he proved he was going to run around threatening to hurt her, and using the kids to get close to her, and apparently it worked, he got close enuf to her to shoot her point blank in the face, now it doesnt seem as tho he loved those children much at all, what if they wouldve been with her? That is really proving how much he loved them.

  4. December 26, 2006 at 3:50 pm

    According to the articles I saw, there was not one but 4 times Wilson was accused of violating the protection order. And a person cannot get a protection order unless there was violence or a threat of violence in the first place.
    He may love his children, I see no reason to dispute that. But he is accused of using his children. Using them to gain knowlege of his wife’s whereabouts, so that he could determine her whereabouts and approach her. And then if he murdered their mother, he left them grieving over their mother and with him locked away unable to comfort and care for them. Unable to raise them. If he wanted to be with them so badly, murder would be the last thing he should have done, as being locked up for murder is a sure way to guarantee that he won’t be with them. Yet had he stopped attempting to make contact with her, and worked with an attorney he most likely would have gotten his visitation back.
    Cheating? First of all, I have seen no indications that was happening, that wasn’t even the reasoning that was used for the murder. But but maybe he thought she was. It isn’t all that uncommon any more esp. when a relationship has deteriorated to the point of separation. And that isn’t a reasonable excuse for murder.

  5. Brock said,

    January 1, 2007 at 3:09 am

    I grew up with Del Ray, and I can attest to the fact that his mental state throughout childhood was irrational and very unstable. In contrast to this fact he was one of the most loyal, good-hearted people on the planet.

    I can also attest to the fact that family meant everything to him as is traditional to every member of the Wilson family. I can’t say I’m surprised that he and his wife fought all the time, however I never bore witness to this.

    The order taking away Del Ray’s visitation rights to his children were absurd, and the catalyst for this tragedy. If I were to speculate on Del Ray’s mindset, I would say he thought he wouldn’t be able to see his children again, all while their mother would be poisoning their minds against him. Which may have been the case.

    Instead of realizing the truth of the situation, that her murder would rob his children of their mother, and most likely put their father in prison. I feel that he did the only thing he thought he could do, and it breaks my heart that I didn’t get a chance to talk to him before this all happened.

    As for the posters on this blog, do not be so quick to judge others. Especially those of you who know very little of the situation with exception of a few newspaper clippings. I would urge you to honestly evaluate your possible decisions given similar circumstances. We are all human beings, every single one of us is capable of anything, to doubt this fact makes you even more vulnerable.

    I pray for Del Ray, his children, the Wilson family, and Rebacca’s.

  6. January 1, 2007 at 4:03 am

    Thank you for your comment Brock. I agree that having your visitation rights taken away would be heartbreaking. But it wasn’t permanent at that point. It was done for the mother’s safety. Usually some accomodation would be made in the final custody/visitation order.
    But when you look at the fact that she received a restraining order in Sept, and he still had his visitation rights. Then he reportedly broke the order 4 times, it is a sign of a pretty serious problem. And that was before his visitation rights were taken away.

  7. SevenDollarBill said,

    January 2, 2007 at 8:02 pm

    Listen I know Del Ray personaly. You should not talk crap that you know nothing about. You dont not know the things that she did to him. But by god no one cared when she treated him the way that she did in front of their children, flitrting with all of his friends in front of his face. How do you know if she was cheating on him or not homesweethome, you know nothing about the situation. Before she left him she went and got her hair, nails, and her damn belly button pierced and then rubbed it in his face. And I DO think she was cheating on him, because as SOON as she left him she moved out to a new appartment and started driving a new car, And then she got her new boyfriend to call and taunt Del. Del paid all the bills brought food to the house and there is no words to explain how much he loved his kids. Rebecca had no job. Yes what he did was wrong no one deserves to die. But for all of you other people to set here and talk S@@T and you know nothing about the situation. That is not right. That’s not fair. And aslo working with a lawyer was no option, it would have never happened. Now you have got to look at his childhood, And I know that I will get all kinds of responses on this comment but the hell with it, it is the truth. Now I dont know ALL the details about his childhood, but I do know that it was very hard for him. I think he just snapped, I dont think he knew what he did at the time of her death, him driving away slowly acting so calm, I dont think he realized what he had done untill he got back to his place of business The Sarvis auto repair shop. Del is a very smart man, he has one of the highest Iq’s of any person that I have ever met. But if you want to know the truth, NO he is not of stable mind or body. But most of all I feel the worst for his kids, his little boy and his girl 2&4 years old. Like I said no one deseves to die for reasons such as this. The order taking away Del Ray’s visitation rights to his children were absurd, and the catalyst for this tragedy it could not have been said better Brock. I pray for all those people who have been affected by this tragedy. For Del Family I pray and for Rebaccas family I’m sorry this has heppened to you. I want you to know that I wish your family the best. thank you for your time and consideration.

  8. January 2, 2007 at 9:20 pm

    You are right, I did not know either Del Ray or Rebecca Wilson. And I don’t know if Rebecca did or did not flirt. And I don’t know, and evidently you don’t either, whether she was faithful or not. But I wonder if you realize what you are implying? You seem to be indicating that if a spouse or boy/girlfriend flirts and cheats, you are ok with killing them. So you are actually indicating that if your spouse or girlfriends catch you flirting or cheating, you would be ok with that? Or your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and friends should understand that if they flirt and/or cheat that you would give your ok and acceptance to their spouses or boy/girlfriends killing them? Are they aware that you would do that?
    Like I said, I don’t know if she cheated or not. But I do that being cheated on hurts like heck. And it feels like you will never get over it. But it is something that you can and will get over eventually. But murder is not something you recover from. Murder is permanent.
    Both of you have stated that Del Ray was unstable. I also don’t know that that is true or not true. But I would like to ask this question. The more unstable the person, the more likely they are to kill the children of the relationship at the same time they kill the wife or girlfriend or if they cannot get to the wife or girlfriend, they will kill them to make her hurt. Would you have found that ok too?
    Like I said, I did not know Del Ray. And he could have been the nicest guy around. But when he committed murder, he went over the line.

  9. scott said,

    February 22, 2007 at 12:59 pm

    you know, I see all the links on the left and I believe an answer to my bizarre and cruel situation is behind one and clearly stated, I guess just like I thought would happen after spending one night in jail for a charge of assault (class C w/no injuuries) and a class A charge of interfere with an emergency call. I’m in TX by the way. And by the way the job I had until that week was to ensure every 911 call was successful in the 6 largest media market county in the US and contiguous counties, so being accused of that was a swift swat to the gut in and of itself, nevermind the police. Now mindful of the police, the DAs of the state, the judges, etc., etc. being falsely accused of something that is withing the family violence code is shameful, embarassing, hexing, and at the same time in no way needs any evidence what so ever suggesting such charges in order to take them all the way to trial. I have two daughters from a previous marriage and although I had in mind that the provisions I speak of are very much in a females favor, but I had no idea it could be this overwhelming.
    Although I feel maybe something like confident about a trial, but it shouldn’t even go that far. I shouldn’t have to live with spending over twenty thousand dollars to defend something with no evidence at all except for another persons words.
    What’s worse about my situation is I was in the middle, or really the downhill slide of a custody case and with nothing more than a protective order that was granted, I now can be forced to have supervised visitation if my ex wife so chooses. That would be the ex wife that is on probation for harassing me, oh yea, and who was also put on probation last summer civily for interfering with my visitation for ten months straight. And less anyone think there’s got to be something there with me becasue there’s not. I followed Dr. Laura’s prescription and waited close to two years before dating, and wasn’t even looking when a very apealing and charming woman that did exactly what her favorite Tshirt suggested, “lie like you mean it”, and continues to. Even more bizarre about her charges and her motive for doing it was the fact I had put my youngest daughter’s coat in the girlfriend’s trunk on Sat and the next day when getting liability #2 ready to go home, I opened the girlfiend’s trunk and grabbed the coat and what do you know but there are all my mini DV video tapes that I had to use to proove my ex wife was tampering with visitation, so I grabbed them and threw them in my trunk and shut it and locked it. By this time I had taken the time to absord what that Tshirt claimed and was acting on it and within a few days by that point.
    Being the most unlucky person in the world, my very soon to be ex girlfriend noticed when I moved the video tapes and went bazerk, litterally, even my 11 year old witnessed it. I pretty much grab her around the waist, go get in my car and start the trip to take her home, or get the heck away from there. I did, but the police pulled me over a couple of miles away from the house and interviewed me and my daughter as well and while she and I were seperated from each other, but we both had the same story, even one of the cops walked back to my car, well when he did to arrest me and when I asked why and that I had not assaulted anyone, he said with his words, “I’m not arresting you for assault, even your daughter said no one was assaulted”.
    What scared my ex girlfriend at the time, and that I didn’t realize until about a month ago was she was doing things behind my back and would video tape it. Some things involved consumption of something illicit, as well as a few occaisions where she and I would be intimate and have the camcorder on (she’s attractive, so it was for her and her request, I’m hiddeous and have no interest so be nice) and she would sneak more than one person in our bedroom while she and I were having what I thought was a private experience together. The visitors never shor their face, but they’re there and the videos are with some type of forensic scientist for the purpose of extracting the whispers and such. But so what? So she’s a cheat and is classless, she is still holding onto charges of family violence and that has effected me in ways that I will never recover from. On a conference call at work last week another manager I’m a peer of used the word “threaten” for the purpose of a light hearted suggestion to another peer to have something done or get the person responsible to act on our request. That word came from a females mouth, not that it matters but I wanted to mention it. The girl that did it is italion and poised and sings opera like it’s nobody’s business, so when she says something, anything, it’s heard. It sent chills up my back instantly and chills I’ve never felt before they were so strong.
    I used to be a reasonable person, I also give to United Way and have had for 17 years straight and have increased my donations each and every year, even have volunteered my personal time for their annual drive in order to help sign up new donators. My ex girlfriend is using and has been using a support group called Wemon in Need. WIN is a fully funded orginization by United Way. Normally when that crosses my mind, as it just did, I get angry and then it quickly passes, this time it brought tears, which is common, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary. But I’m 41 and as an adult male never was emotional until these charges against me. I’ll find some normalcy, I know, but where will I find justice? I really do want an answer to that. I’m been at this too long so please forgive me fore not spell checking it, I’m just going to let it post. thanks, scott

  10. February 22, 2007 at 8:51 pm

    Scott, your comment was a bit hard to understand. This is my understanding of what you wrote
    You have an ex-wife that you have charged with harrassment and she prevented you from seeing your children for a period of time. You taped something about your ex-wife. You have concerns that you may be reduced to supervised visitation with your children because of the protective order that was granted with your girlfriend.
    I’m not clear what the reference to Dr. Laura is about.
    There was an incident with the ex-girlfriend in which you say you “grabbed” her? And you say the officer told you that he wasn’t going to arrest you for assault, but you were charged with assault. And you were also charged with interference with an emergency call (I am presuming that is for preventing or trying to prevent the girlfriend from calling 911?)
    Many people do not understand that domestic violence consists of more than hitting…..grabbing, pushing, throwing and shaking are also included as well as holding, restraining and confinement. There are a number of other actions that can be called domestic violence.
    Preventing someone from making a 911 call is of course a illegal action all it’s own.
    I would suggest that you think back to that incident and make an honest private comparison to a good definition of domestic violence. And after a very honest self-appraisal you feel that you did not meet the criteria, then go to court and fight the charges. But if after that honest self-appraisal you find that you may have met even some of the criteria, then reach out to a treatment program. You can call Women in Need or your local law enforcement agency and they can probably give you the information on how to get in touch with the program. Please believe me when I say that if you are having problems with self-control or anger issues, that getting help will help you as much as help the people around you.
    Remember, you cannot control what wives, ex-wives, and girlfriends around you do. All you can control is yourself. So if you do not like what they are doing, you have the choice to work with the partner (if they choose, they also have choices), you can work with a counselor, or you can leave. Violence should never be entered into the choices and will harm you as well as the partner.

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