“Tired of Being Picked On”

On Saturday about 8:30 am police were called to the home of Alisandria G. Davis, 35. A child in the home at the time told police that a man had come to the home and the child heard a pop, which they described as like a firecracker, then the man left the home.  The boy found his mother dead from a gunshot wound and went to a neighbor’s home and called police.

Fifeteen minutes later, about 8:45 pm, police were asked to check the home and family of Hershel Michael Isadore Jr., 35, and Shanika King, 32.  Isadore and Alisandria Davis were cousins. According to reports, Isadore had called King’s mother and told her “I’m tired of being picked on, and I just shot everybody in the house.”

Police responded to the couple’s home and found Hershel Isadore in the kitchen, dead from a gunshot wound with the revolver near him. They found Shanika King and 13 month old MyKzee Isadore dead in a bedroom. Fourteen year old Amaya King was found dead in another bedroom. In the basement police found Dovian King, 8, and Marquill King, 11. Dovian King was was found dead, but Marquill King was found injured with a gunshot wound to the face. He was rushed to the hospital in extremely critical condition, but he passed away on Sunday. All the victims died of gunshot wounds and it is believed that Isadore did commit all the murders before shooting himself.

Two of the couple’s children were not at home that Saturday as they had spent the night with their grandmother. Those children are now with family.

Hershel Isadore and Shanika King had reportedly known each other since she was 13 and he was 16. Reportedly no notes were found at the scenes, and some relatives say they had no idea things were so bad. Yet some relatives have reportedly told police that Isadore had been depressed recently, though his spirts seemed to have picked up in the last few days.

Police have even made the statement that Isadore had been acting ‘irrationally’ for weeks, but they made no explanation of the statement. Some relatives say Isadore loved his children, and regularly called his grandmother to check on her. Some friends have said the couple got along fine. But some friends and relatives said he could be controlling with King at times. Yet everyone seems to be in shock that this could happen. All agree the children were well taken care of and were polite and respectful.

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After a tragedy occurs, the first question asked is usually how. The second question asked is ‘why’?  And that is probably the hardest question. If they do not leave the answer by telling someone or in a note, how can anyone ever know?

Often called family annihilators there are certain traits that seem to be common among men who kill their families.  Mental health problems may be present- depression and sometimes paranoia. To others they may seem overcontrolling,  to themselves they may feel they are the only ones capable of fullfilling their families needs.  They may have a fear of failing, and they may be under stress- either financially, socially, or in the marital relationship. To themselves, they may see killing the family as their only option,  either because they no longer feel they can care for them or because they may be considering killing themselves. I found an interesting article at oregonlive.com  that expains some of the dyanamics often found in familicide.

It is important to remember, if a loved one begins behaving uncharacterically, if signs of a mental health problem are present it is important for everyone to get them to a mental health care professional or facility.       



  1. Pati said,

    December 21, 2006 at 6:59 am

    Getting someone to a health professional sounds nice, but if you have ever had someone you know in the throes of a mental illness, you know that it is darn near impossible to accomplish that. Police often don’t want to deal with it and will call it a “family matter.” leaving you scared and afraid. And just try to get someone in on an involuntary committment without the assistance of the police.

  2. December 21, 2006 at 1:57 pm

    True, but if you can get them to a hospital emergency room, many times that can be worked out. Or even getting them to a doctor for a minor ailment. But it is important not to ignore the symptoms.

  3. Ashley D said,

    May 15, 2007 at 8:36 pm

    R.I.P Amaya King and family you will be missed! Amaya was always known to be a happy person. Hardly EVER did she have beef with anybody or was mad at anybody! She was murdered but with everybody that was her friends at Clifford H. Nowlin Middle School in our hearts and in our minds she will be remembered as someone who was always filled with happiness! How this came about that she was murdered by her own father, we may never know. But what we DO know is that she did NOT deserve, nor did her family deserve this.


  4. K. said,

    November 8, 2007 at 4:31 pm

    I think that people need to consider that sometimes, maybe even most times, others don’t know that a person is “mentally ill” until they do something this drastic.
    Nobody saw this coming. This was not a fist fight relationship.
    They were just like anybody else. Going through rough times sometimes but determined to make it work and stay together.
    Mike was not the kind of guy that would do this, or so we thought.

    It would be wonderful if we all had in-depth perception/tuition to know when something horribe was coming and be able to avert tragedy.
    But we don’t. So we can’t.
    So things like this are bound to continue.
    It still hurts so bad to know that they are all gone and like this.

    I pray that at least one person realizes they are on the brink and get help.

    Much love always and forever.
    ~K .

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