Family Tried

Jeffrey Husband, 20, and Vanessa Pruitt, 18, are the parents of a 2 year old child. Vanessa Pruitt was also the mother of two other children.

Reportedly there were problems in the relationship. Family has made allegations that Husband used to beat Puitt, that he almost put her eye out with a BB gun, and that he threatened to kill her at least once. And they tried to warn her, to get her to leave him. Yet she stayed. Her sister Latisha Cole, 24, reportedly was worried about her and moved in with her.

The family says Husband did have a history of drugs, and that he had several drug arrests on his record.

Friday about 4:30 am, Husband allegedly shot Vanessa Pruitt killing her and also shot her sister Latisha Cole. Cole recieved minor injuries. She is expected to recover.

After the shooting Husband left the apartment and Latisha Cole went to a neighbors and contact was made with police.

Initially police were looking for Husband as a person of interest in the shooting, now they say he is a suspect. They have been unable to locate him.

After every unexpected death, there are rumors. Some may have basis in fact, some….may be based on conjecture. There is a rumor. But the rumor is that Husband may have used the gun on himself. Police say they are investigating though they do not know that to be true, but that if he is alive he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Family are caring for 2 of Vanessa Pruitt’s children, but police say they do not know the whereabouts of the 2 year old child that Pruitt shared with Husband. But they say they do not consider him missing.                      


Many times family and friends can be aware of what is happening in a relationship, and it can be frightening. Like standing on the side of the road and watching an auto accident happen, you want to reach out and stop the vehicles…..but you cannot. An adult makes their own decisions and others cannot make them for their loved ones.

She stayed in the relationship, and she surely had her reasons. Whether it was financial, fear, love, or some other reason she chose to stay in the relationship. Leaving family to wait, helpless and worrying until their predictions came true.

If you have a loved one in an abusive relationship, it is hard to accept that they may choose to stay. Yet there are things they can do. Remind the loved one of times when they were strong and made good decisions. Remind them of their assets and the strong points of their personality.

Gather information about domestic violence and the resources in your local area, and tell them you know about the problem, you have the information, and that the decision is theirs. But that you are ready to support and assist them whenever they might be ready to leave. Then continue to support them even if they stay.


Husband turned himself in to the sheriff’s office on Sunday. They were expecting to hold him on a capeus warrant at first, holding him as a material witness to the murder.


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  1. Rashonda Julien said,

    March 15, 2008 at 1:07 am

    I just want to say that Vanessa was a great person, she had a quiet voice and she kept me laughing thru the years. She was my best-friend as a kid and some of my teen years. It seems like just yesterday we were having sleep overs and child hood birthday parties. As we got older trying to be grown and rushing adult hood caused us to grow apart, She was a hard worker and a great mom to all of her children which are all Jeff’s children. I can’t say I’m happy at all about his confession it doesn’t make the hurt go away. I grew up with him also so either way it’s sad on both sides. Our family is now caring for the children. Vanessa will be missed by all of us who love her. And I can say that I will never understand why…
    I love you Vanessa…. and I can only hope to see you again!

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