Found with the ‘Mistress’

Police responding to a report of shots fired found the body of Celia Vargas in her home at 1:15 am last Friday. They also found the Vargas’s two teen age children in the home. The children reportedly witnessed the shooting.

The children told police that Vargas had held their mother’s arm when he shot her in the head.

Police believed the shooting to be a result of domestic violence and began looking for her husband Ismael Vargas. Vargas had reportedly left the home on foot.

The U.S. Marshals office report they located Vargas on Tues. Dec. 11. They did receive a tip and picked Vargas up at a restaurant. He was arrested without incident and during a pat down, a pistol was found in the waistband of his pants. Allegedly the pistol had a round chambered, with the hammer cocked and the safety off.  It is thought this may be the same weapon that was used in the shooting.

Vargas was in the company of Shannon Bennett. Marshal’s describe her as Vargas’s ‘mistress’. She was also taken into custody and charged with harboring a fugitive.  Vargas has been charged in the shooting of his wife.

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