An Awesome Responsibility

Shawn Love, 34, and his wife Rhonda Love, 36, were at home with their two children on Wednesday when an argument developed.

Allegedly about 7 pm Shawn Love shot his wife 3 times in the back. Then he turned the gun on himself. Badly injured, Rhonda Love called 911. But during the call, one of the children had to take over on the phone with dispatchers. The child worked to keep their mother alert while waiting for help to arrive.

Shawn Love died from his wounds, Rhonda Love was rushed to the hospital where she is reported to be in critical condition. The children ages 15 and 9, were taken to a counselor Wednesday night, and are now with their mother’s relatives.

Police say they have no records of visits to the home before Wednesday night. The couple had just recently moved into the apartment where the shooting occurred.               

I keep seeing this as the children must have seen it. Arguments between parents, no matter how much they pretend to ignore it, do affect children. Still couples do argue, that is how couples work out differences. Children do usually learn to accept their parents arguments.

Then there is a gun, the sound of shots, the blood. The two people they relied on the most injured or dead. Their mother trying to call for help, but when she was unable to complete the call, the child had to step in. No longer a child, they bore the awesome responsibility of caring for their injured mother until help arrived. That must have felt like forever.

Now with their father dead, their mother critically injured they are left to cope with things that most adults don’t understand. And they are not adults.

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