An Update

Back in June I wrote about Jacqueline Ortiz, she and her boyfriend walked into a hospital to obtain treatment for Ortiz. She had been burned over 55-60% of her body. Police say that Ortiz’s boyfriend  Israel Evaro had doused her with gasoline and set her on fire. The defense has said that she set herself on fire. Evaro was also burned in the incident.

At the time that she was burned, Evaro was awaiting trial on domestic violence charges, because of allegations that he had punched Ortiz in March. Ortiz was the main witness in the case, and the case had to be postponed because Ortiz was unable to testify.

Besides the pain that Ortiz has suffered in the last 6 months, she also suffered from pneumonia and staph infections. On Dec. 1 she stopped breathing and suffered brain damage, and has been in a coma and on a respirator since.

Family has said she would be in a coma for the rest of her life, and the reluctantly removed the life support. On Tuesday Jacqueline Ortiz lost her struggle to live.

Prosecutors are reviewing the case to determine what further charges should be levied against Israel Evaro.           


Prosecutors have filed a motion to drop the attempted murder charges they had filed against Israel Evaro. They want to file murder charges against him as a result of  Jacqueline Ortiz’s death. Prosecutor’s also want to file special circumstance charges of arson and murder.

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