It got quiet

William Plaza, 45, and Ruth Ann Schwander, 48, resided in an apartment together and their arguments reportedly  were legendary in the neighborhood. Neighbors have said the arguments were daily and they were loud. Allegedly sometimes there would be sounds like a body hitting a wall. Neighbors have said they called police, and that police were there once or twice a week. But the arguments continued.

So when the arguments began on Saturday evening, neighbors were not suprised. But this time suddenly the apartment got quiet.

When they did not see or hear anyone at the apartment on Sunday, someone called police and asked for a welfare check.

Police arrived at the home and getting no response to their knock, they entered the home. Plaza was not present at the home, and they found Ruth Ann Schwander, apparently murdered.

Police began looking for Plaza and they found him on Sunday. He was taken into custody without a fight and has been charged with second degree murder. At least one report says that police have stated that Plaza  has made some statements that implacate him in the murder.

Preliminary autopsy results show that the cause of death appears to be asphyxiation by strangulation.                                                        

Living in an apartment can be difficult. Often you are thrust into the daily lives of others, simply by hearing them. Living next to a situation where they argue regularly is even more difficult. You can hear but not see, making it difficult to judge just how serious the situation is. The neighbors did try by calling police. Yet despite their efforts, it ended tragically.


William Plaza has been indicted by the Grand Jury on a charge of second degree murder.


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  1. Becky J said,

    December 12, 2006 at 9:05 pm

    I am so proud of those neighbors for getting involved, so many people wont because its “none of there business” or “its a family matter” but what people need to realize that it is there business, its not a family matter, its a crime, punishable by law, and the more people that do get involved makes us that much closer to ending domestic violence!! Now that that poor woman is dead at the hands of her abuser those people who got involved can still sleep at night knowing they did what they could, if they hadnt gotten involved i think that there guilt would eat at them, at least it would have me.

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