The Triangle

Mark Anthony Bowling, 35, had planned a fishing or scuba trip to Florida for last week, leaving his wife Julie Bowling, 45, at home alone.

While he was gone, one of Julie Bowling’s co-worker’s stopped by her home on Fri. morning, because she had not shown up for work. The co-worker found the body of Julie Bowling in her garage, she had been shot multiple times. All of the doors to the home were reportedly locked, except the garage door. Investigators have said there was no forced entry into the home, and nothing was stolen.

During the investigation of the murder, information was developed that Mark Bowling had another ‘romantic’ relationship. Bowling was allegedly in a ‘love triangle’ with Rose Deloris Parker Vincent, 27. Allegedly the relationship had been going on for about a year.

The sheriff has said “The information we got from the lady as well as from the other witnesses that we talked to led us to charge her and Mr. Bowling with this.” They also say that Vincent has told them where to find the murder weapon, and they say she was the shooter. Tests on the weapon have not been completed as yet. But they also say that Mark Bowling was involved, though they are not discussing his role. Investigators do think the relationship may have been the motive for the murder, and they say the murder was planned. According to reports, Vincent is co-operating with the investigation and Bowling has given them some information.

Both Bowling and Vincent have been charged with first degree murder of Julie Bowling.                                        

Vincent has reportedly told authorities that she and Bowling planned Julie Bowling’s death, and that while he was in Florida she drove to Julie Bowling’s home and shot her multiple times. The two are believed to have been in a relationship for about a year.

 In court both were denied bond, Bowling has told the court he intended to hire his own attorney and Vincent has said she needed a court appointed attorney.

Julie Bowling’s visitation will be held one of the funeral homes that she and Mark Bowling owned and operated.


Mark and Julie Bowling had been married for 7 years. It is believed that computer files and a fax recieved at one of the funeral homes, which were seized by police, may implicate Mark Bowling in the murder.         

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