Hades hath no fury

Allegedly Sheila Ellenbogen, 39, was apparently concerned about one of her ex-boyfriend’s female aquaintances. Ellenbogen allegedly sent the aquaintance a letter. The letter was reportedly a fake immigration letter to the aquaintance, on paper with a fake immigration letterhead. Police found the letter on her computer and have notified federal officials. According to police “It appears the motive was to adversely impact the victim’s relationship with her former boyfriend.”

But the information about the letter came out only as a result of another incident.

Neighbors have said they saw Ellenbogen break a window to the home Nov. 24 th.

And early on Nov. 28 th the ex-boyfriend woke up to the sound of hissing. He investigated and found a garden hose running into his window, with the other end attached to a propane tank. He was able to throw the hose out of the window, then called police.

No one was injured in the incident. But police say that the potential was there that if the boyfriend had not found the device in time, it could have caused asphyxiation of all the home’s residents or it could have caused an explosion. And besides the boyfriend, there were 5 other people in the multi-family home that night.

Police say they were able to determine that Ellenbogan was the one who rigged the device, because she left fingerprints. And they also checked her computer, finding information about the attack, as well as the letter to the female aquaintance.

Ellenbogan has been charged with 6 counts of attempted murder, as well as with placing explosives with the intent to cause injury, possession of an infernal device, breaking and entering, and malicious destruction of property .

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Thankfully, no one was injured. But she was mad at one person. And out of her anger at the ex-boyfriend she was willing to destroy not only him, but everyone around him. One little spark was all it would have taken, to explode the whole house into a raging inferno. Or for the boyfriend to have slept through- they would never have woken up.

Though she has been charged with 6 counts of attempted murder, look at the total of what was endangered. Firefighters and police officers responding to the scene, destruction of the home, and even neighbors homes could have been endangered if the home had exploded.

And why? It sounds as though the ex-boyfriend wanted to move on, and she didn’t want to. Well, I don’t think there is too much of a chance they will ever get back together now!


The New Boyfriend

David Angelo Paradiso was with his girlfriend Eileen Pelt, 20, and his mother late on Monday afternoon. Paradiso and Pelt had only been dating for a short time, they had met through a friend of a friend. His mother had met her for the first time on Monday. Apparently there was no sign that anything was amiss. They were in the mother’s car, with the mother driving Parasido and his girlfriend in the back seat enroute to Eileen Pelt’s home.

Allegedly an argument developed. According to media reports, the mother heard the couple talking, and at some point she looked into the rear view mirror and saw blood on Eileen Pelt’s face. She wanted to take her to the hospital, but allegedly Parasido told her to drive out of town unless she wanted to be the next one stabbed. According to some reports they were about 3 blocks from a police station when it occurred, a couple of miles from a hospital.

Allegedly still holding the knife Paradiso forced his mother to drive about 2 hours away, where he dumped the body along side of a rural road. Then he had his mother return to the area where it all began. There he ordered his mother out of the car and he fled in her vehicle.

At 7:59 pm, the mother walked into the police department notified them of what happened. Police put out an alert for Paradiso. While the mother was still with investigators, her cell phone rang.

It was the first of several calls she received from Paradiso while she was with investigators.

Police did sight the mother’s vehicle and attempted to pull Paradiso over. He failed to pull over and a chase began which reached speeds which at times exceeded 100 mph. The chase ended when a tire blew on the vehicle Paradiso was driving.

With his vehicle surrounded by 19 armed officers from 5 different agencies, Paradiso was taken into custody. He began cooperating and led officers to Eileen Pelt’s body. Paradiso was taken to the hospital for a “pre-existing” medical condition then was taken to the jail.

According to the prosecutor’s office, Eileen Pelt was stabbed in the neck with a military style knife. “We’re looking into whether or not that long drive (to Pioneer) contributed to her death,” “There are hospitals near where the incident occurred. It’s possible they could have done something to save her.”

Some neighbors who knew or knew of Paradiso said they would not have suspected him of this type of crime. Police say that Paradiso was on parole for assaulting a corrections officer in 2004. He also had previous charges for drug and alcohol convictions as well as a previous charge for kicking out the window of a sheriff’s dept. vehicle. It is believed that neither alcohol or drugs were factors in the crime.

Paradiso has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend, the kidnapping of his mother, vehicle theft, violating parole, and evading police.

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She had just met and begun dating him. And according to reports, there was no big screaming argument, no reciprocal fighting. One minute she is meeting her new boyfriend’s family…. the next minute she has a stab wound inflicted at his hand. And he is refusing to take her to the hospital. Then she is thrown out along a rural road, hours from where she was stabbed. Without someone leading police to the site, it may have been months or years before her body was found.

It is difficult for family, friends to admit that someone they love could commit the crime of murder. It just seems unthinkable. But this mother not only had to witness the crime herself, she was forced to participate in an attempt to cover it up and her own life was threatened. Then it was up to her to report the crime, to cooperate in her own child’s capture. No parent should have to be placed in that position.


12:45 pm Eileen Pelt made contact with a friend by telephone. She mentioned that she was with her friend named David. About 1:54 pm, she made contact with her sister, again by telephone. Both have said the calls were uncharacteristic in nature for Eileen Pelt. Pelt then failed to show up for work, another thing uncharacteristic for her. Family and friends began looking for her, even calling police. But because there was no indications of any foul play, police said that an adult must be missing for 72 hours before they took action. Pelt’s family began calling other family and friends and trying to call her cell phone.  

Family has said that David Paradiso was not her boyfriend and they were not sure why she would have been with Paradiso. Prosecutor’s have stated that she had just begun a relationship with him.

Eileen Pelt, who had once struggled with some drug problems had entered and successfully completed a drug program and had gotten her life back on track. During her time in a transitional home, she continued to make new friends and even after completing the treatment, she kept in contact with them. They are now working to collect money for a contribution to Peace for Families, a sexual assault and domestic violence program as a memorial for her.