If you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned

Reportedly a dispute developed between Bobby Thompson, 50, and his 39 year old girlfriend Cynthia Covington when Thompson returned home from work at 6 am last Saturday morning.

Thompson went on to bed, but Covington stayed up. Apparently she was still angry. Allegedly while he was sleeping she poured some gasoline between Thompson’s legs…. then lit it. Then she also caught on fire.

A teen that was reported to be in the residence woke up to find both on fire, and called for help.

Thompson was reportedly burned over 50% of his body. Thompson was reported to be in stable condition on Sunday night.

Covington was reportedly burned over quite a bit of her upper body. Covington was reported to be in serious condition Sunday night. Covington may be facing charges of aggravated assault and arson.

The fire was such that it spread to the house and burned the room.

Police say they have been to the home before on domestic disputes.

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The old adage says if you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.

I don’t know what she thought he did, I don’t know  that he did or didn’t do anything. And I am not going to guess, despite the fact that he was burned in such a personal place. But burns hurt. Especially there.

Now she is in the hospital with burns herself, and she may also be facing criminal charges. I wonder if she still feels she made the right decision?

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