The Days Crawl By

Sept 26. Iwoa Department of Public Safety says April Corter, 24, was reported missing on that date. However, some news articles say that she was last  seen on Sept. 25, and that she was reported missing by family members Oct. 13 th.The last time she was seen she was reportedly in the company of her sometimes boyfriend. 

A missing child, friend or coworker- enough to worry the strongest person. Do you worry they ran away for some reason, that she is staying away voluntarily and leaving you to worry? Do you worry they are ill and unable to make contact? Do you worry they are being held and mistreated by someone? Do you cling to the hope they are alive or do you give up that hope and begin to mourn, even though have not been given any concrete reason to believe your loved one is gone? There are no good options.

The months change on the calendar- first comes Oct. then Nov.  Time crawling by, anxious questions with no answers, and no one hears from April.

There is news however. A decomposed female body is found on Nov. 14. But it wasn’t her. It was the body of Debra Barajas-Gutierrez, the woman who may have been connected to Thomas Tomich. Perhaps the family was aware of 19 year old Jessica O’Grady, whose family have been searching for her since she disappeared in May. Or possibly the family may have aware of the finding of Tomich’s wife Lois Tomich, missing for more than 20 years, found in May and the other 2 sets of decomposed remains found in May and June. And very likely these increased their tensions and fear. Every phone call, every car pulling up, inspiring a mix of hope and fear.

The sheriff’s department did get a tip. Reportedly at some point someone told the department that the boyfriend Daniel Miller, 25, was overheard joking that he forced Corter to search the garage for plastic zip ties, and that those were what he would use to tie her up. The unnamed source also reportedly told law enforcement that the industrial sized zip ties were used to kill her and that he dumped her body in a well.

That gave some focus to the search. 46 wells were checked. Still no April.

Her name, picture and identifying information was submitted to missing persons sites and other resources. Hoping for some scrap of information that would lead to her whereabouts.

Finally, another scrap of information. One little tip. On Nov. 27 th someone told the undersheriff just where the body might be found. Police responded to that site, and recovered a fleece vest similiar to the one April was reported to be wearing when she was last seen. By that time it was getting dark. Police secured the scene. One more night.

Nov. 28 th. Police and firefighters returned to the site and recovered a body. Due to the time elapsed and decomposition of the body, no positive ID could be made. The identification would have to be by dental records.

 Nov. 29 th. A positive identification was made by the use of dental records. The remains were April Sheree Corter.

Authorities say they do not believe this is the work of a serial killer. They believe this may have been to keep a witness quiet. They believe that Corder may have been getting ready to report her boyfriend Daniel Miller for some past action- something illegal.

Daniel Miller has been arrested and charged with 1 st degree murder.                      

Hundred’s of thousands of men, women and children are currently missing in the US. Some will be missing for days. Some for months, some for years or decades. To be honest….. some will never be found. Leaving their families with that limbo feeling, when their loved one just stopped existing, became a memory, became a mix of hope and fear.

For more info on Lois Tomich, I have a post here.


More details have been released. When April Corter’s body was found, her neck and ankles had plastic zip ties around them. Cause of death is listed as strangulation. It is believed she died at the well, and that she was dead before being placed in the well.

Allegedly there is an “extensive history” of physical and emotional abuse between Miller and Corter, and though though there is a record of calls to the address, there were no previous charges filed.

Prior to the murder Miller had been charged with possession of methamphetamines with intent to deliver which was due to go to trial in January.                            


Daniel Miller has been officially charged with 1 st degree murder and 1 st degree kidnapping.


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