Tragedy compounded by tragedy

Two little boys were killed in a car accident on Nov. 10, their memorial service was held on Fri. Among the attendee’s was Quartus Lee Hinton, 28, who was related to them in some way.

Also in attendence was Kaliah Harper, she had dated Hinton for about 6 months, but had reportedly broken it off with him weeks earlier.

Allegedly an argument developed between the two while inside. So they took it to the parking lot. While standing by Kaliah Harper’s car, Hinton allegedly pulled a gun and shot Kaliah Harper multiple times in the head and torso.  Hinton then fled the scene, at some point dumping the weapon in a storm drain.

Kaliah Harper was a police officer. She began her training in 2002, and was well known and liked in the department where she was currently working in the Narcotics Intervention Team. Retired and off duty officers as well as FBI and Drug Enforcement Agency officers volunteered to join in the search for Hinton. An Amber Alert was issued for his car.  

Police located his car on Saturday morning, less than a mile away from the crime scene. 

Hinton’s father contacted police to try to negotiate his son’s surrender. Through him police were able to locate Hinton and he surrendered to the police on Saturday about 8 pm.                               

Many times police officers in very active divisions of police departments have a very fatalistic view of their lives. And according to Kaliah Harper’s mother, Harper may have been one: “She used to always tell me, ‘Mama, I’m not gonna live a long life,’ ” ” I thought it would be in the line of duty, not just a senseless act from a jilted lover.”