“Relationship Issues”

Reportedly Demetrius James Warren and his girlfriend Geraldine Meyers had been dating for about 8 years and they had been living together for three years. Allegedly she was concerned that she may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease from him. I am not seeing whether it is or was confirmed that she had a disease, when she found out about it, or which of the diseases it was.

At some point Geraldine Meyers allegedly purchased a gun through a legitimate dealer, after passing a background check. No indication on when the purchase was made.

Allegedly on Monday Geraldine Meyers prepared to confront Demetrius Warren about the alleged disease. She tucked the gun in her pants, and went to the bedroom where Warren was on the floor playing a video game.

Allegedly she shot him in the back of the head twice. Then fearing he would get up, she pepper sprayed him. Shortly afterward she went to the office for the apartment complex and told them what she had done. When police arrived shortly after noon they found the body of Demetrius James Warren in the apartment.

Geraldine Meyers has been charged with murder and through her attorney she pled not guilty at her arraignment. The defense attorney requested a lower bail, citing the facts that she had lived in the area for three years, she was the mother of three children, she had no criminal record, she was employed at a fitness center and was taking classes for massage therapy and that she was extremely remorseful and that she herself had reported what she had done. Bail was set at $1 million.

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Relationship issues” is what the prosecutor called it. Like I said, I am not seeing whether the sexually transmitted disease has been confirmed. But if it was, I would say that finding out you had contracted one from a long term spouse or boyfriend would probably rank high in the list of the worst, most hurtful things that a spouse or partner could do to the other. And in some cases it could even be life threatening.

But I can think of one thing worse. Having the disease and sitting in jail or prison. Because it is after the fact, it isn’t self defense- it is retaliation. Many times it is more retaliation for the betrayal than for the disease.  Probably at the time, she may have felt justified for the actions she was allegedly about to take.

But after the fact, after pulling a trigger, after seeing the aftermath, after sitting in a cell…. sometimes perspective changes.


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