“You Shot Me”

Norman Kamp, 57, and his wife Jan Kamp, 58, were arguing on Sunday evening when the argument took an unexpected turn. Reportedly Norman Kamp was sitting in his recliner, when Jan Kamp fired a gun at the back of the recliner. Norman Kamp was struck in the back of the head.

Norman got up and followed his wife into the kitchen, and said “you shot me”. Allegedly she pointed the gun and fired again. This time she missed. Norman Kamp left to make his way to a neighbors and police were called. Police say that Norman Kamp was talking and conscious when they arrived.

Police say that the recliner and the missed shot probably saved Kamp’s life. He was taken to the hospital with a minor injury where he was treated and released.

Jan Kamp was arrested on a charge of suspicion of attempted murder.

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Norman Kamp has said the shooting was an accident, that his wife did not mean to shoot him.

He has told media that she was in another room ‘fiddling’ with the gun when it went off. He has said that when he went into the room where she was she was white faced and couldn’t speak. He said the second shot was also fired accidently, with the bullet striking the ceiling. He said that his wife was on pain medication and had been drinking.

Initially charged with attempted murder, the charges have been reduced and Jan Kamp is now charged with assault with a deadly weapon.


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